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Guvanch Meredov

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EBM Graduate 2013-2014


"A year that changed my life"  

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After Warwick, Guvanch was headhunted by Google for its European Headquarters in Dublin and has been working there since 2015 as a Tech Product and Digital Marketing Consultant. He had worked in the Emerging Markets for 2 years initially and has since joined the UK and ROI Markets. Guvanch also works with the Google Arts & Culture team based in London and Paris.

All throughout his time in Ireland, he has served as Warwick’s Ambassador to the country and has hosted several events with the students and the alumni of the university. Last year, his WMG dissertation - “Consumer Appeal of Product Creativity” was published as an academic book in Germany.

Guvanch gained his first degree, a BSc in Industrial Engineering, at Fatih University in Turkey in 2012, with his final year at the University of Southern Denmark. During this time, he took a three-month internship at WMG. Working on a digital event simulation project for Dassault Systèmes and AgustaWestland, his role included developing and demonstrating virtual helicopter concepts and liaising with business partners.

“While at Warwick, I was offered a partial scholarship to pursue a Masters degree the following year, so I returned to Turkmenistan to get some work experience in the meantime. I got a job as a Project Planner, working on the multibillion-dollar Olympic Park construction project, which is to host the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in 2017. I was there for nine months, up to August 2013.”

Focusing on the goal

At this point though, Guvanch’s life hit a difficult period, as he explained: “During my internship at Warwick, I developed a swelling on my leg that turned out to be deep vein thrombosis. This quickly became worse, and I was told that it could be potentially fatal."

“I fought the illness though and as the treatment began to work, I was determined to beat it, so in September I came to WMG to begin my MSc programme.”

Guvanch Meredov 2Guvanch was faced with completing a very challenging course while battling a life-threatening condition. How did he manage? “The staff were incredibly supportive right from the first day. They offered me a lot of flexibility, with extensions to complete my assignments. In the end, I only needed one or two extensions. I didn’t want to be defined by my condition or let it affect my studies in any way. It was hard work and tough at times but I just kept focused on achieving my goal.”

Away from his studies, Guvanch made good use of the sports centre swimming pool as he rebuilt his strength and fitness. By the time he left Warwick, he was already able to run 5k.

Guvanch also has a passion for painting and continued to stay committed to this during his studies whenever he could so to contribute to a good school - life balance.

Moving on to the course itself, did it live up to his expectations? “It was excellent and better than I had expected,” he replied. “The mix of technical and business modules was ideal and it allowed me to transcend from purely engineering to the management sphere. I also really enjoyed the social aspect of Warwick life – the people, teamworking, competition and friendships I made. I had a wonderful year that changed my life.”

For his dissertation, Guvanch conducted research into creativity and innovation – and their appeal to consumers of companies that operate within the new product development arena. This was awarded a distinction and has been recommended for publication.

Guvanch Meredov at Google

The Road to Google

After leaving Warwick, Guvanch decided he wanted to stay in the UK and seek out what he called ‘a challenging job in a leading-edge environment.’ He made many applications and stresses the need for persistence: “It can be disheartening at times, but you have to keep going and know that your dream job could be just within reach.”

Then he received a message via LinkedIn about a job with Google in Poland. "I didn’t want to move there, so I disregarded it. A Googler then referred me to the role and I went along with the process anyway. However I kept enquiring about opportunities more locally," he said. "I was told I could transfer to Dublin after a year of experience in Poland, however upon my 5th round with the company my process was diverted to the EMEA Headquarters in Ireland. After a total of seven stages and interviews with 7-8 Googlers, I was offered the position."

Initially, as an Associate Account Strategist, Guvanch worked with SMB clients, providing strategic and consultative advice to help them expand and enhance their businesses through Google products and services.

"The amazing thing at Google is that there’s no set career path. You have the freedom to shape your own direction and I could, for example, switch to working with the YouTube or Android teams in the future. It’s even more exciting, fascinating and challenging than I anticipated."

"I’ve been so fortunate to experience many opportunities and Warwick is no exception. I had a fantastic time there. I believe in working hard to achieve my goals. But I am also so grateful to God, my parents, my family, my friends, and all others who have supported and contributed greatly to my incentives, endeavors, and success."