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Kelly Paredes Moscosso

Kelly Paredes Moscosso

SCLM Student 2013-14


“This course is all about preparing people to become future leaders”  

We spoke to Kelly Paredes Moscosso three years after she completed her MSc in Supply Chain and Logistics Management at WMG. Now back in Peru and working as Chief of Logistics Planning and Expediting for the Graña y Montero Group, one of Latin America’s leading engineering and construction businesses, she told us how her career had developed since finishing her course.

“I had been a Logistics Analyst with the company and they let me take a year off to study,” she said. “Then, when I returned from Warwick, my boss asked me to manage a three-month project, working with consultants, to map logistics processes in the construction business. After that, my managers established a whole new Logistics Planning and Expediting department specifically for me and asked me to lead it.”

So does Kelly feel that what she learned at WMG helped her achieve this major career step? “Without a doubt”, she replied. “The course focuses on how to apply ideas and theory to solve real business challenges, which means I could put that knowledge to work right away. I understand the issues facing the industry – and the tools and techniques that I can use to improve processes across the supply chain. What I do now also reflects my dissertation subject, which was about implementing lean in the supply chain of a construction company.”

Investigate everything

Looking back to 2013, we asked Kelly what she thought of Warwick when she first arrived. “I was impressed by the size of the university and all of the modern facilities on offer,” she said. “The support was really great too. I felt a little lost at the beginning but the induction helped me understand the programme, then there were workshops in different subjects – like how to complete post module assignments for example. There’s everything in place to help you succeed.”

Kelly did admit that she found the course challenging at first. She described the learning style as ‘very different’, though she soon appreciated why this is the case. “We were encouraged to investigate and question everything,” she said. “That was completely new to me and I had never come across this teaching style before. Instead of just absorbing information, we had the opportunity to explore the subject and develop our own ideas. I was asked ‘What do YOU think about this?’ which made me think deeply about the theory and how it could be applied. This way, you don’t just learn but thoroughly understand – and you don’t ever forget.”

Inspired to teach

As well as working with the Graña y Montero Group, Kelly now teaches logistics in construction to undergraduate civil engineering students in Peru. “I try to bring WMG’s learning style to my own teaching,” she commented. “That ability to investigate everything is so important I think – and my students find it very refreshing. I had never thought about being a teacher until I studied at Warwick, but my time there really inspired me to pass on my knowledge and experience.

“I had a wonderful year. I met so many great people from around the world and learned so much. The soft skills I developed have proved to be very valuable in my working life too – like how to communicate professionally and be sensitive to the needs of other people. I never thought of myself as a leader, but now feel that I am a strong manager who can get the best out of those I work with. All of this has transformed my life, both professionally and personally.”