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Kenya Zelaya

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SCLM Graduate 2013-2014


"What they do there is amazing"  

Why did you decide to study supply chain and logistics management?Kenya Zelaya 2

After gaining my first degree I worked for a catering business back home in Nicaragua. In my last role there I was responsible for running its logistics and distribution operation, and that got me interested in this whole area. I felt that full-time study would be the best way to develop my knowledge and management skills.

Why did you choose WMG?

My husband was in the UK so I wanted to come over. I looked into a number of MSc programmes and WMG’s course attracted me straight away. I liked the idea of studying a module intensively for one week then having a few weeks to carry out my own research into the subject. This seemed a better way of working than having just two hours of lectures each day for example. Also, I read reviews of the course and they were excellent.

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What did you think when you first arrived at Warwick?

The first thing I noticed was that the students come from all parts of the world. There’s a real diversity of cultures which makes for a very stimulating atmosphere on campus. Having people with so many different nationalities and backgrounds around gave me a chance to learn new things and broaden my horizons.

The university staff were extremely friendly and helpful. They seemed to really care about students and making sure we settled in quickly – and that we never got lost on campus!

What did you think of your course?

I loved it. The teachers took the time to ensure that every student got the most from each module. It was clear that they knew their subjects inside-out, and everything they taught us was up-to-date and relevant to the challenges that businesses are facing right now.

I have to say that it was hard work. During those intensive weeks of study I would arrive home at 7pm and be completely exhausted! I found it easy to maintain my concentration levels though, because everything I was being taught was so important and interesting. I didn’t want to miss a thing.

During the other weeks I carried out research and wrote assignments. This was also challenging, as I had never worked on my own like this before. But the tutorial staff were supportive at every stage and I soon got into the routine. It became much easier as the year went on and working this way helped me to quickly develop my research abilities.

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What did you enjoy the most?

For me, putting together my dissertation was the most enjoyable part of my year. It was entitled The Impact of Supply Chain Management Strategies on the Growth of SMEs – and I used just about everything I learned during the course to compile it. The research skills I had developed were also very valuable. My supervisor gave me a lot of support, and it was a thoroughly fulfilling and rewarding experience. I’m now working on preparing my dissertation for publication.

How would you sum up your WMG experience?

To have graduated with a Distinction makes me very proud. I know that I have been part of a truly world-class educational institution and I’ve learned from the best. The university has a great reputation and now I’ve seen how it works, I understand why. What they do there is amazing.

Update May 2015

In March 2015, Kenya began work as Production Executive at Nielsen, a global information and media company.