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Martina Di Donato


e-BM 2017-18


“This course has a strong reputation and it enabled me to develop professionally"

Tell us about the role you have been doing since graduating, and how the knowledge from the MSc course helps you in your day-to-day work?

"I currently work as a PPC Marketing Executive in a marketing agency. My role involves working with different types of clients competing in the gambling industry. The Master in e-Business Management gave me a strong competitive advantage when applying for my role, not only for degree’s good reputation in industry, but also for the knowledge of the digital world I have acquired during the year. I was offered a job before graduating and couldn’t be happier to put into practice what I’ve learned during the year at WMG".

What did you enjoy the most about our e-Business Management programme?

"The practical knowledge and experiences provided by the module tutors is something difficult to find on an MSc course. I also loved the fact that I was surrounded by international classmates, which enriched my overall experience and brought my learning to the next level. Being able to discuss e-Business issues with peers from many different countries really added depth to my learning and expanded my outlook. I can't deny, the course was challenging. You have a very high level responsibility for your studies, as half of the grade was based on the dissertation project alone. I had to stay very focused and motivated throughout the year, but I am proud to say that I earned a Distinction in the end! My success would not have been possible without the help of the brilliant tutors; especially my supervisor, and the course leader for e-BM, John Waller. I felt that the course tutors were always willing to listen to the students and they ensured that I had the best experience possible on the course. I believe they are the real core of this Master's and WMG! Not only did they help me in the academic environment, but they also supported me finding the right career. I can't thank them enough!

What advice do you have for prospective students considering study at WMG?

"I would tell anyone studying this course to get to know the tutors as much as possible during the year, because their guidance is invaluable. WMG is a fantastic department where you can build very strong friendships, with students across all the fifteen different MSc courses. Exploit the many opportunities that Warwick and WMG gives you, because it's such a unique experience that will guide your future".