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Oge Udensi

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CSM Graduate 2012-2013


"The learning goes a lot deeper"  

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After graduating in 2014, Oge went on to take up a role as IT Infrastructure Analyst at JP Morgan Chase, based in London.

How did you find out about career opportunities at JPMorgan Chase?

They held an open day at Warwick. I was particularly interested in the company and the opportunity they had for an IT Infrastructure Analyst, so I applied. What I learned at WMG helped me in many ways during the interview process. I was in a good position to answer questions about network security and I felt more confidence in myself than I had before. For me, the WMG experience helps you to believe in yourself and what you are saying. That comes through the interactive nature of the course, as well as the experience you gain making presentations and working with others. I also discovered that Warwick graduates are highly sought-after within industry.

What happened after you left Warwick?

I was offered a job by JPMorgan Chase in December 2013, but I decided to take a break and travel before settling into work, so I actually started with the company in the summer of 2014.

Are you enjoying your job?

It’s been challenging but thoroughly enjoyable so far. I do find that I’m using the information I gained during the course already, particularly in the areas of risk and governance. This is just the first step for me though and I‘ll be moving to a more security-focused role later this year. It’s a dream come true to be working in a great job for such a prestigious company, and I have to thank WMG for helping me build the skills, knowledge and most of all confidence I needed to succeed here.

What were you doing before you came to WMG?

After gaining my BEng in Computer Engineering in Nigeria, I decided that I wanted to continue my studies to develop my knowledge of cyber security. I had come across cyber security for the first time while completing my thesis and was immediately fascinated by this growing and rapidly developing area. Since it has also become such a high priority for many organisations, I believed that it could offer excellent career opportunities.

Why did you choose WMG?

I was first attracted to Warwick because of its reputation, high ranking and research track record. Then, when I looked into the course itself, it seemed to meet my needs exactly. There are the key technical aspects of security that I wanted to learn about, but also management modules. I felt that this mix would give me the broad range of skills I needed to launch and develop my career with a top employer.

Did the course live up to your expectations?

It actually surpassed my expectations completely. Everything about it was focused on how to apply the information I was being taught in real business situations. It was a totally new way of learning for me. Rather than just sitting though lectures and listening, there was a strong interactive element. We were constantly encouraged to express our opinions and discuss things. It was so much more than just studying. We were carrying out research, making presentations, working in teams to develop solutions and lots more. I would describe it as very ‘hands on’ all the time.

Oge Udensi 2Did you like the way the programme was structured?

I felt this was one of the biggest benefits of the course to me. The first surprise was that there are no exams! Instead, after each module’s intensive week’s learning, you have a few weeks to work on your own to complete a Post Module Assignment. This makes you really think about the subject, research it thoroughly and consider how to apply it in a business context. I felt I learned a lot more that way. With exams, you tend to just learn the facts you need to answer the questions. But with this system, the learning goes a lot deeper and you build a fully rounded understanding of the subject.

What was your favourite module?

To be honest they were all excellent, but Digital Forensics, Evidence and intelligence stood out for me as it covered some very interesting areas. It went beyond the technical elements to show how they work in the real world. We also carried out business simulations which helped to build my teamworking skills and think in completely new ways.

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