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Pavels Pavlovskis


Healthcare Operational Management


“Hugely challenging – but extremely rewarding and valuable.”

“After gaining a BA in Business Studies at the University of Bedfordshire in 2011, I worked for Amazon as an Operations Administrator for four years. I was leading a team, analysing performance and supporting HR, so that gave me good experience of operations management.

However, I was looking for new direction and I had a keen interest in healthcare. I didn’t want to go down the clinical route as that would mean starting all over again. As I was researching possible options, I came across WMG’s course in Healthcare Operational Management. It seemed ideal to me – a chance to bring my experience and skills to a whole new area and take my career in an exciting new direction.

Supportive atmosphere

I liked Warwick from the moment I walked into the campus. The people are lovely and everyone is happy to help you with anything. It was also great to be part of such a diverse environment with students from all across the world. As it’s a self-contained campus away from the city, it feels very much like an academic community. Everyone and everything is focused on learning and research.

I have to say that I found the course very demanding and challenging at first. There’s a lot of work and there’s no one telling you what to do or how to do it. You manage your own time, so I was a little worried about how I would get through all of the assignments and meet all of the deadlines. My tutors were great though, and they helped me work out how to manage my time effectively so I soon got into a routine. All of the students support each other too. It’s a very collaborative atmosphere and you never feel like you’re on your own.

Putting theoretical concepts into practice

Because I was new to healthcare, the content of the course was another challenging aspect for me. It’s such a complex area and I found it difficult to understand some of the concepts at times. Once again though, my tutors were always there to help. The way the course is structured is also really good. If I had just been listening to lectures I think I would have really struggled. But there are lots of simulations and group activities, so you learn how to put the theoretical concepts into practice in real-life situations.

Because you have free time to complete each post module assignment, there’s the chance to research subjects thoroughly. As I worked through the programme, it was amazing how everything came together and I felt that I could see the bigger picture.

Demands dedication

The guest lecturers we’re fantastic too. These were very experienced high-calibre professionals, mostly from the NHS, who gave us a clear insight into hospital and healthcare operations, the issues they face and the innovative solutions that are driving the future of the sector.

I have no doubt that the course has prepared me well for a career in healthcare. Some of the other students came with a healthcare background - including doctors - and they all agreed that it gives you the knowledge and tools you need to shape new processes and improve organisational performance. To anyone thinking of joining, I would say that it demands a lot of dedication, but it’s an extremely rewarding and valuable programme.”