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Ping Yi Man

Ping Yi Man Profile Picture

Hong Kong
SMD Graduate 2012-2013


"The course helped me think like a manager"  

“Before coming to WMG, I was working for I Creation, a consulting firm that specialises in artistic events and educational support services, in Hong Kong. As a Senior Project Officer, my job was to plan and execute a wide range of projects. I enjoyed the role but I wanted to further my career, and to do that I knew that I needed to build my understanding of business and management, particularly since my first degree was in Humanities.

I had wanted to study overseas since I was young so I began looking into suitable courses. WMG’s programme stood out to me for two reasons. First of all, there is the strong reputation and ranking of the university itself. Secondly, the nature of the Service Management and Design course. I liked the fact that it would give me the opportunity to study ten business-focused modules in just one year, learning about a whole range of areas from service design, technologies and financial analysis to change management and leadership.

Intellectually challenging

Ping Yi Man 3When I arrived at WMG in 2012, everything was new and unfamiliar. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful though. They answered any questions I had and the induction gave me a chance to meet other students and find my way around the campus.

I did thoroughly enjoy my course, which was stimulating, intellectually challenging and exciting. During each module’s intensive week-long block, there were lots of opportunities to work collaboratively with my classmates to manage projects and carry out exercises and simulations – like running a business for example.

It was a completely new style of learning for me, but it helped me to absorb the information fully and discover how I could use it in real business situations to solve real problems. We certainly didn’t just spend our time listening to lecturers talking! Learning this way is also a lot of fun, and you do develop a number of soft skills including teamworking, communication and presentation.

Ping Yi Man 1Developing new ideas

The Innovation module was absolutely inspiring. It helped us learn how to ‘think outside the box’ and develop imaginative new ideas, as well as support innovation in all areas of an organisation. As with everything we learned though, this was grounded in the understanding that it is only of value if it contributes to the long-term competitiveness of a business. This module alone gave me numerous tools and skills I can use to make a significant positive impact in my future working life.

Many of the other students on my course had more knowledge and experience of business than me, so I was a little concerned that I may not absorb the information quickly enough and I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them. I need not have worried though – all of the lecturers were excellent and they gave me the help I needed to ensure that I gained maximum benefit from the programme.

Opportunities to grow

After leaving Warwick I returned to Hong Kong where I Creation, my previous employer, offered me a more senior role as an Assistant Project Manager. After just six months I was promoted to Project Manager, and I can see excellent opportunities to grow my career still further.

The knowledge of business that I gained at Warwick has helped me to consider every aspect when working in projects as well as supporting the business operation. I am now much more confident in my ability to play a key role in helping my employer grow and succeed. Because of that, I enjoy my work more than I ever did before.”