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Su-Chin Chan

Su-Chin Chan Profile Picture

SMD Graduate 2012-2013


"I gained a much deeper level of understanding which has definitely helped me in my career so far"  

Soon after leaving WMG, Su-Chin secured a role as a Sales Specialist with MentorTrust, Taiwan’s leading IT consulting firm and a Microsoft Gold Partner. We asked her why she decided to make the move into sales, particularly as she studied Service Management and Design.

CHAN Su-Chin 1“Actually I was approached directly by a Consultant at MentorTrust who had read what I'd written about my Masters studies on Facebook. He felt I could be suitable for the company and invited me to interview for a consultancy position. The interview went well, they were impressed by the knowledge I'd gained at Warwick, and felt that my knowledge, combined with my personality, ideas and communication skills, would make me perfect for a sales position.

What I learned at WMG has been very useful in my day-to-day work. For example, the technology-related subjects I studied were hugely valuable and have enabled me to develop and introduce a new IT solution for the organisation.

A different kind of learning model

In terms of teaching style, the MSc gave me an excellent all-round understanding of business and management. The whole teaching approach was completely new to me: in the past, study had meant sitting in lectures and reading textbooks. At WMG, the tutors established a different kind of learning model for us. We were encouraged to explore and research subjects for ourselves.

Discussions, group working and case studies were particularly important elements. We had to imagine ourselves doing different jobs within a business and think about the impact the decisions we made would have on the company. This helped me build a strong connection between what I was learning and the real world. The knowledge you gain this way leads to a much deeper level of understanding.

CHAN Su-Chin 2Leading Change

The Module on Leading Change was particularly impactful for me. It taught me the difference between a manager and a leader – and it made me think about myself and my own attitudes and preconceptions. It genuinely changed me as a person.

I also benefits a lot from the module on Organisations, People and Performance, which gave me an insight into Human Resources and how it impacts on the strategy and performance of a business. Some of my classmates already had experience in this area and it was useful to learn from them too. I now get involved with Human Resources in my current role, and I use the understanding I developed during the course in my work all the time.”

  • If I had to sum up my experience of Warwick in a few words I would say it was a dream come true for me to study at a great university in such a beautiful green campus. Everyone I met was friendly, welcoming and helped me make the most of everything the university has to offer. I will always smile when I think of my time at Warwick!”