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Querying your Fees status

The fees assessment questionnaire is intended to help members of staff in the WMG Admissions Team determine whether you are eligible for Home fees status. We are able to make a provisional assessment based on the information you have provided in your application, but in some cases we will need more details in order to make a full and accurate assessment. The questions on this form have been designed to collect the information required to check your eligibility against criteria provided by the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) and submissions of this form are assessed by UKCISA-trained staff. Neither Warwick or UKCISA set this criteria; UKCISA interpret criteria provided in regulations, and guidance, published by the governments of the four countries of the UK, and staff at Warwick will assess the eligibility of applicants against UKCISA advice.

Before completing the fees assessment questionnaire, please carefully review the eligibility categories provided by UKCISA. If, after reviewing this information, you believe that you meet the all of the criteria for eligibility for Home fees status under one of the categories, please complete the below fees assessment questionnaire and return it to Please ensure that you answer all questions as fully as possible and provide all relevant supporting documents, which will assist us in reviewing your fee status.

Fees Status Questionnaire:

The fees assessment questionnaire can be downloaded as a PDF document.

Alternatively, a Microsoft Word version is available.

If you have any queries about your fees status, please contact us via: