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WMG and Chevening Scholarships


Chevening scholarships, the UK government’s global scholarship programme, can cover the full cost of study and are offered in over 110 countries.

WMG and the University of Warwick are pleased to welcome several Chevening scholars each year. Deadlines for this scholarship are at the beginning of November but please check the Chevening website for specific dates as this may vary according to the country you are applying from.

  • Chevening Scholarships - Chevening funding usually covers your full tuition fees and living expenses - the University contributes 20% towards your fees. There are smaller awards allocated in some countries, so please review your country's Chevening website for specifics.
  • Chevening-WMG partnership awards - WMG has partnered with Chevening to co-fund the Chevening-WMG partnership scholarships. Through these scholarships the University covers the full tuition fees, with living expenses being covered by Chevening. We have 5 WMG-Chevening partnernship awards available for any of the 15 WMG MSc programmes for students across all Chevening eligible countries. More information on the Chevening-WMG partnerships scholarships is available from the Chevening website.

When applying for Chevening, you should apply for the normal Chevening Scholarship rather than the partnership award. You do not need to have your course offer before you submit your Chevening application, however we do advise that you apply as early as possible to give us plenty of time to process your application. You may request an application fee waiver if you are applying to study with a Chevening scholarship.

Of the successful candidates to be awarded the funding, five (who have put Warwick as first choice) will be selected by Chevening in consultation with the WMG department, to be awarded the prestigious partnership awards.