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Degree Transcripts/Certificates


Clearing your conditions - supporting academic documents

Whilst interim transcripts uploaded with your application can be used to consider your application, should you be made an offer you will be required to submit your final transcripts and in some cases your degree certificate in order to clear your conditions.

We require all transcripts from higher education (BA, BSc, MA, MSc for example) to be officially translated (if they are not issued in English) which can be done either by an official translation company, any British Council office or by the university that awarded the degree.

Do I need to provide my degree certificate and my transcripts?

In order to clear your conditions, we need the following information. Often all this information will be shown on your degree transcripts, in which case there is not need to upload your certificate as well. However if not everything is stated on your transcripts, please ensure you upload both your certificate and your transcripts.

  • Your full name, as per your passport
  • The qualification you have achieved
  • Your final grade
  • The date your award was conferred

Once you have already graduated, we need proof that you have undergone the proper ceremonies fully completing your degree, i.e. official copy of your award certificate stating the date you graduated.

If your transcripts already say this date and grade, then we do not need the award certificate.

We also need to know the final grade you achieved. Sometimes this will be included in your degree certificate, however more often than not, you will have to include your final transcripts in order to confirm your final grade.

If your final document does not have a final grade, please provide an Average Score Certificate (or equivalent) that has been issued by the Awarding Institution to confirm your final grade achieved.

Please upload all documentation onto your Application Portal for the Admissions Team to process.

What is a valid translated copy of a document?

If the supporting documents you are supplying are in a language other than English we will ask to see a translated copy. This must have been translated by an official translator or translation company and must be uploaded along with the original document. The translated document must be signed and stamped and include the full contact details of the person who has carried out the translation.

Documents issued by the awarding institution/University that are in English are acceptable. However we will not accept documents that have been translated into English by the applicant or their agents.

I have previously been asked for an attested copy of my original supporting documents - why has this changed?

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and in line with the UK Government's social distancing advice, the University is currently closed and all staff are working from home. There is therefore no-one physically on campus to receive your hard copy supporting documents. In light of this, we will be clearing conditions based on scanned and uploaded documents rather than hard copies. Please ensure that you bring your original supporting documents with you to University when you enrol at Warwick in person. The enrolment team will be checking documents over the course of the academic year you are registered, so you may be required to show these whilst studying with us on campus.

Please DO NOT post any supporting documents to the WMG Admissions Office even if this was requested in your conditional offer letter.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting closure of the University, all staff are working remotely and therefore unable to receive your supporting documents.

If you have already sent these, they will be kept safe for your collection when you arrive at Warwick. In the meantime, please could you also upload your final transcripts and degree certificate onto the application portal so we can clear your conditions.

We regret that the Admissions Office does not routinely return original documents sent in support of your application, although you are very welcome to collect them in person when you physically enrol. Alternatively, you can request they be returned to you after the university has reopened.