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Your first weeks

-- Useful Information --

WMG Induction

After you have enrolled with WMG, you will be given your induction timetable. There will be a number of introductory lectures and activities for you to attend, virtually or face to face, which will help you settle into WMG while giving you the opportunity to meet your fellow course mates and key members of staff.

Personal Tutor and Key Contacts

During induction week, you will get an opportunity to meet your Course Leader who is responsible for your specific MSc course. You will also be allocated a Personal Tutor in the first few weeks of term. Your Personal Tutor will be an academic member of staff at WMG and will help you to settle into the University and try to answer any questions you may have about the department, and the course.

Other key staff you will come into contact with during your year are your module tutors, project supervisor, administrative staff and course management.

The Language of the MSc Programme

You will soon get used to the way WMG abbreviates things and will find that all MSc courses, modules and buildings will be known by their abbreviation or 'short name'.

For example, the MSc Management for Business Excellence is known as MBE, the module Logistics and Operations Management is known as LOM, and the International Manufacturing Centre is known as IMC.

Term Dates

The MSc course is one full year (October 2020 - September 2021). Any term dates on the Warwick pages relate to undergraduates only, and as postgraduates, you are normally expected to attend the University all year round. The University will close over Christmas for one week.

Schedule of Course Modules and Selecting Elective Modules

Once you have been fully enrolled and inducted, a personal schedule of your term 1 module(s) will be published. Later on in the term, we will also be able to confirm your module schedule from January 2021, and there will be an opportunity to book your elective modules (where applicable).