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Opportunities and Development


The WMG MSc programmes are very intensive and require considerable time and effort - a minimum of 40 hours per week for 48 weeks. However, if you manage your time and make the most of each week, you can truly experience the vast amount of opportunities available to you, some of which are listed below.

Industrial Visits

WMG organises Industrial Visits to locally based national and international companies to give you the opportunity to see, at first-hand, industry in action and to learn about their systems, products and processes.

There are two types of visits:

In-module: These are focused and specific to the module topic.

Supplementary: These are of a wider variety, and 2-4 are organised per month throughout the year.

Visits planned in previous years have included leading retailers Amazon, Asda and Argos; car manufacturers Jaguar Land Rover and Morgan Motors, food and drink manufacturers Thornton's, Dairy Crest and Two Towers Brewery and logistics companies TNT and DHL.

Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC)

SSLCs are student led, and they provide an area for students and staff to discuss ideas and solve problems connected with teaching, learning and student support. SSLCs allow students to have a say on their course, their department, and their resources and is a great way to input into your University. They also provide an opportunity for the department to consult with students and receive feedback on new proposals. Course Reps are elected at the beginning of each academic year by the students the SSLC represents.

> Find out more about the SSLC

WMG Society

WMG Society is part of Warwick SU and is supported by WMG. The society is entirely run and organised by students of WMG, and they provide a fun way for you to meet up and socialise with your peers.

> Join the WMG Society Facebook group

WMG Student Ambassadors

Prospective students value the opportunity to hear from you, our current students, who know best of all what studying at Warwick and WMG is like. So, every year, we recruit an enthusiastic team of WMG Student Ambassadors.

By sharing your unique student perspective, you'll be playing an important part in showcasing WMG to the next generation of students, encouraging them to study here and enjoy similar experiences.

This year, we have two WMG Student Ambassador roles:

  • Student Marketer ~ you'll share your student experiences through digital marketing channels, such as blogs and social media
  • Events Assistant ~ you'll assist at various events throughout the year, in particular our Open Days, and leading campus tours for prospective students

There will be other opportunities throughout the year which will be offered out to both roles.

Most activities within the WMG Student Ambassador role are paid. Occasionally a work opportunity is voluntary, however we will always highlight this in advance. Being a Student Ambassador is a great way to increase your experience and participation in extra-curricular events, and it also enhances your CV.

Contact Katrina Moore for more information, or visit our web page.

Warwick SU

Warwick SU is a valuable resource that can enrich your time at Warwick by providing opportunities to get involved with societies and clubs. Warwick SU can also offer independent advice and help on all kinds of subjects relating to student life. Democratically run by students for students, you automatically become a member on enrolment. Warwick’s SU also has a dedicated full-time Postgraduate Officer, whose role is to represent your views locally, nationally and to the University.


Careers support

The Student Careers & Skills team offer personalised support to help you develop your skills, plan or develop your career path and get experience. You can access a variety of support services from Student Careers & Skills at any point during your time at Warwick and after graduation. Choose from our wide range of free workshops, fairs, activities, online resources and 1:1 support.


Masters Skills Programme

The Masters Skills Programme will help you adjust to postgraduate study, develop your research skills and boost your employability. You can also gain recognition through the Warwick Skills Portfolio Award.

> Find out more about the Masters Skills Programme

The Library

The Library provides a wide range of support and guidance, and you should spend time understanding the resources available to you as soon as possible. The Library website has a section specifically for WMG students, with lots of valuable information, including an online tutorial, direct link to electronic journal articles, and contact details for the WMG Academic Support Librarian.


Community Engagement Team and Postgraduate Hub

The Library and their Community Engagement team are dedicated to providing you with support, facilities and development opportunities. They will connect you to your postgraduate community through social, cultural and academic events to ensure you make the most of your time at Warwick.

The Postgraduate Hub (PG Hub) is a dedicated space for postgrads, enabling you to access support, work in a collaborative environment and socialise with peers.


Sprint Programme

The Sprint programme has been introduced for all female postgraduates, to help you take hold of your personal development and help realise your ambitions.


Intercultural Training

The innovative intercultural training programme is designed to help enrich your intercultural experience as part of your Warwick journey.

The programme includes access to interactive workshops and online media, helping you to develop your intercultural competence before, during and after your intercultural experiences at Warwick, in the community or abroad.


> Take a look at the online Moodle course (you will need to register for an IT services account first)

WMG Student Newsletter

A Student Newsletter is published monthly during the academic year. It contains information about the Department's events, activities and opportunities. It comes from WMG Students, so please make sure you check this regularly.

Selva Kumar on WMG Society
MSc Cyber Security Management (CSM)

Ed Pocock on the SSLC
MSc Cyber Security Management (CSM)