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Creating Profitable eBusiness

Note that this module has been superseded by Digital Marketing, Software and Techniques


Creating a Profitable e-Business has been discontinued under this title and renamed. It is not being run under this name on any WMG programme.


The short but dramatic history of “” world has a central message for all managers considering the e-creation of a new business or the e-enable of an existing business - all eBusiness must be built on sound strategically and financially evaluated concepts.

Creating profitable eBusiness is an application led module with the participants actively engaged in small syndicate groups to both generate and evaluate potential new eBusiness concepts.

The module introduces the current concepts concerning the market positioning of new eBusinesses and then applies a focused model to the creation of profitable eBusinesses. At each stage participants have the opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts presented to a developing eBusiness concept. The key stages cover: eBusiness concept creation and evaluation; designing a competitive and compelling customer value proposition; exploring models for capability delivery and; investigating key issues in implementing eBusiness opportunities.

The module approaches the issues from a business perspective only introducing the enabling technology where appropriate.


On completing this module successful participants will be able to:

  1. Apply a range of creative and idea generating techniques to the identification and evaluation of new eBusiness concepts
  2. Apply appropriate tools and techniques to strategically evaluate new eBusiness concepts
  3. Evaluate the potential profitability of eBusiness opportunities
  4. Identify and describe the steps involved in creating a compelling customer offer
  5. Explain the complexities of designing a robust eBusiness delivery mechanism
  6. Outline the issues in the implementation planning of an eBusiness opportunity


  1. Concepts and models for the creation of profitable eBusinesses
  2. Concept generation tools and techniques
  3. Evaluation of eBusiness concepts
  4. eBusinesses are businesses – frameworks and tools for strategic value analysis
  5. Creating and defining the value proposition and a compelling customer offer
  6. Designing the partnership and delivery network
  7. From concept to delivery - Implementation planning