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This module studies the specific technologies and processes that characterise the transactional aspect of digital commerce. They are a rapidly developing group of applications that maximise the advantage of transaction speed in today’s “connected” business environment. The module builds upon the Technical Process Block by detailing the technology and processes at the application layer.

The module will introduce the students to tools to build and optimise the customer experience. Looking at techniques to increase conversion through desktop and mobile application.

The module will include a syndicate exercise that will build upon the learning from the Business and Technical Process Blocks by developing an e-Commerce proposal and website, intentionally applying knowledge gained within the earlier part of this module. This syndicated work will be further developed within the Post Module Assignment and thus form a part of the formal assessment of the Module.


Upon successful completion participants will be able to:

  • To develop a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of eCommerce systems.
  • To critically evaluate the key software and techniques used to conceptualise and achieve effective eCommerce implementations.
  • To develop a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts and approaches in eCommerce practice to build customer experience and increase conversion.


  • eCommerce Concepts
    o System Requirements
    o Theoretical Models
  • Design for eCommerce
    o Usability
    o Information Architecture
    o Design
    o Customer Service
  • eCommerce Building Blocks
    o Systems – key tools
    o Starting points
  • eCommerce Promotion
    o Multi Channel
    o Site Promotion
  • eCommerce Fulfilment
    o Delivery Systems
    o Transaction Systems
  • Future Development
    o Mobile Technologies
    o Optimising the customer experience


4,000 words Post Module Assessment (70% weighting)

Group Presentation (30% weighting)


1 week.

Lectures: 16*15.5 hours

Practical Class/Workshops: 8*1.5 hours

This is a course module on the Digital Marketing and Digital Consultancy & Entrepreneurship specialisms of MSc e-Business Management and an elective module on MSc Engineering Business Management and MSc International Technology Management.

Please note: the details of this module are correct for the current year of study and may be subject to change for future years.