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Enterprise Cyber Security

This is a course module on MSc Cyber Security Engineering and is available as an elective module on MSc Cyber Security and Management .

This module is one of the eight modules required for the GCHQ Master's certification.


This module is effectively a capstone module for MSc Cyber Security and Management, drawing together many aspects of the course. It has been developed in collaboration with a commercial partner of international standing to address key strategic cyber security issues from the perspective of an organisation's Chief Information Security Officer.

Topics to be addressed include communicating cyber issues to a board in terms that are relevant to them. Identity is addressed; especially the challenges that are associated with access control in a federated environment during times of transition such as during merger and acquisition. Trust is considered. The highly interconnected nature of Cyber-Physical systems are analysed to help provide a framework to reason about consequences (and their mitigation) in the face of cyber threat. Trends in cloud, analytics, mobile and social are looked at from the cyber perspective.

Principal Learning Outcomes

  • persuasively articulate cyber security imperatives to key decision makers in an organisation.
  • critically evaluate the cyber security posture of an organisation.
  • critically analyse “identity” in the context of the cyber security of an organisation's mission, considering both those inside and those outside the organisation.
  • critically analyse the cyber security consequences of the increasing connectedness of end-point devices and control systems (such as sensors, actuators, buildings and transportation) to an organisation's mission.

Other useful information

This module is delivered in an intensive one-week block of directed tuition (nominally 40 hours). Students will be based in the WMG Cyber Security Centre, with most taught sessions taking place in our specialist cyber security and forensics laboratory / classrooms.

Formal assessment for this module typically comprises:

  • a report, to be submitted after the taught module period (100%)

There are no pre-requisites for this module. Students who are choosing this module as part of a course other than MSc Cyber Security and Management are welcome to seek preparatory advice.

The MSc Cyber Security and Management course team regularly reviews the content provided here for currency and accuracy. Please do get in touch with any queries.Contact:

This is a course module on MSc Cyber Security Engineering and is available as an elective module on MSc Cyber Security and Management .

Please note: the details of this module are correct for the current year of study and may be subject to change for future years.