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Information Systems Management


This course aims to give the student an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an IT manager by exploring the three key areas of technical, organisational and information management. 


On completion, the participant will:

  1. Understand the principles of management of information as a Corporate Resource
  2. Understand the general day to day operational requirements of medium to large scale IT systems
  3. Understand the issues surrounding the implementation, maintenance and running of new or modified systems
  4. Understand the security risks that can threaten the IT systems and possibly the organisation as a whole.


  1.  System and Network Management (including Performance Monitoring and Tuning)
  2. Software Management, System Implementation, Servive Delivery and Maintenance
  3. Corporate Data Management
  4. People Management, IT Departmental Organisation, Recruitment and dealing with departmental 'politics'
  5. Financial Management, IT Departmental Budgeting, Outsourcing, Facilities Management
  6. Data and Risk Management, Access Control and Physical Security, Disaster Recovery


5 days


Post module assignment