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Management of Change


Regardless of size and maturity, organisations today operate in a business environment that continues to grow increasingly complex and demanding of ever higher standards of efficiency, integration and customer service. Change can be both externally and internally driven, thus both skill sets of intelligent, timely reaction to external drivers and proactive planning to prevent organisational drift are critical to the sustained success of any organisation.

Individual competence in implementing change is essential for leaders and managers and this requires a resilient and positive mindset combined with skills in strategy formulation, communication, leadership, influence and the integration of various disparate functions within a complex organisational system. Developing a critical mass of competent individuals contributes significantly to organisational change capability.

This module provides participants with an opportunity to understand change –its drivers, risks, consequences and people’s responses - and develop their personal competences through hands-on experience in a simulated business environment and practice in the use of relevant methods, tools and techniques.


On completion of the module, participants will be able to:

1. Analyse the internal and external drivers and impact of change on projects and the organisational system at large.
2. Interpret the different ways people respond to change and develop strategies to gain commitment and build stakeholder engagement.
3. Select and apply appropriate models of change.
4. Effectively utilise appropriate change methods, tools and techniques in planning and implementing change.
5. Perceive and evaluate the role of learning in the change process.
6. Evaluate the importance of building resilience into organisational processes.
7. Assess their own personal effectiveness in leading and managing change.


1. Introduction to Change Management
2. Models of Change: Analytical Models
3. Business Simulation
4. Models of Change: Understanding and Addressing Emotional Responses to Change
5. Tools and Techniques for Planning Change
6. Learning and Change Management
7. Building Organisational Resilience and Commitment to Change
8. Authentic Leadership
9. Change Modelling


5 days


In-module Assessment and Post Module Assignment

Please note: the details of this module are correct for the current year of study and may be subject to change for future years.