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Transport Techniques and Management


Freight transportation plays an important role in the world because almost all products and services are brought from suppliers to consumers through various means of freight transportation. Freight transportation facilitates local and international trade, while employing millions of people globally. While there are many advantages of freight transportation, it’s vital that we manage freight transportation in a sustainable manner to minimize its impact on the environment.

Transportation Techniques & Management module explores the integration of freight transportation in logistics & supply chain management through the different freight transport modes, operations, technologies and the environment. The module is delivered through lectures, discussions, case studies, simulation exercises and industry exposure.

Transportation Techniques & Management module aims to develop in learners the ability to evaluate the role of sustainable freight transportation in logistics & supply chain networks from a local and international perspective. Learners will also gain the aptitude to study and critique freight transportation operations of an organization and/or a geographical area and attempt to find solutions to problems faced in such operations. Learners will cultivate the ability to design a freight transport delivery plan using appropriate tools. The module also expects that learners will develop the aptitude to engage in freight transport simulation and reflect the outcomes.


Upon successful completion participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate the role of freight transportation in logistics & supply chain
  • Critique freight transportation operations of an organization or a geographical area
  • Design a freight operations transport plan using appropriate tools
  • Engage in freight transport simulation and reflect the outcomes


The module aims to cover the following areas of freight transportation:

  • Introduction of freight transportation modes
  • Importance of freight transport integration
  • Freight transport operations planning & management
  • Technologies in freight transportation
  • Sustainable freight transportation & the environment
  • International freight transportation
  • Future of freight transportation


  • Post Module Assignment (PMA) 70% weighting and
  • In-Module Assessments 30% weighting.


1 week, including 40 hours of seminars

Please note: the details of this module are correct for the current year of study and may be subject to change for future years.