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Student Blog | Tolu

Tolu Karunwi

Course: MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Nationality: Nigerian

Year of study: 2019/20


Hello! My name is Tolu Karunwi. I studied Innovation and Entrepreneurship at WMG. I chose this out of a desire to pursue my greatest ambition (which I elaborate more on in my posts).

During my free time, I love writing, watching a good film, exploring and learning about a new place and spending quality time with my friends and family! I really do value good, hearty conversation, so I'm pleased to share my experiences with you all in these blogs.

I'm proud that these blogs provide an archive of memories from my time at WMG, as there is nothing more beautiful than making memories. They are truly what weave together the tapestry of any journey we embark on in life. So, welcome to my WMG tapestry. I look forward to sharing with you!