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WMG Professor talks ‘Reconciliation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ at Coventry Cathedral

 Jan GodsellOur Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy, Jan Godsell will be presenting ‘Reconciliation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution,’ next Tuesday (28 February) at Coventry Cathedral.

The first two Industrial Revolutions saw significant expansion and development for Coventry. But its success also made it vulnerable. It’s expertise in the automotive industry and in manufacturing made it a bombing target in World War II.

What’s more a reliance on these heavy industries further exposed the city to decline as the UK’s manufacturing sector was largely decimated with the Third Industrial Revolution during the latter part of the 20th century. This has left the area with a range of employment challenges and industrial relations issues between large and small companies.

Professor Godsell will be highlighting how the Fourth Industrial Revolution provides an opportunity to change the way we, as consumers, drive demand for products, hopefully in a more sustainable way. Not just locally sustainable, but in a way that considers the role we play as part of a network of global supply chains. This raises a whole range of issues including responsible consumerism, human slavery, employee rights, diversity and environmental impact.

Doors open at 6.45pm, with Professor Godsell’s session running from 7.15pm until 9pm. There is no charge, although any donations to the Cathedral (at the event) would be much appreciated. For further information or to register contact: