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WMG launches student summer internship programme

Picture WMG Summer Internship Programme launchedWMG has launched it’s 2021 summer internship programme for University of Warwick undergraduate students.

Approaches to learning are changing and the traditional model of mass lectures has evolved significantly - even more so in light of the COVID19 pandemic. New concepts of delivery, assessment, feedback and communication have changed the student journey considerably.

The eight-week programme offers students the opportunity to work with academic staff to explore and develop new concepts of teaching and learning (pedagogy). Whilst exploring these pedagogical possibilities, interns can gain research and employability skills.

2018 WMG summer intern, Severign Hagemeijer explains: “I think it was really valuable to do research in this area outside of my degree. It has given me a lot of helpful experiences (e.g. in setting up, doing, and presenting the research) and the entire process was just very enjoyable. I would completely recommend it to anyone.”

WMG Associate Professor, Angela Clarke, adds: I was over the moon with what Severijn was able to achieve in the space of eight weeks. Coming from a different department, he was able to bring a different perspective to this topic.”

Severign’s internship involved reviewing video assessments, and considering how they could be implemented, considering different approaches from both staff and students. The research was so useful that it has had a significant impact on the use of video assessment within WMG.

Angela added: “With Severign’s help we are now able to assess students more flexibly and innovatively.”

Find out more about the WMG Summer Internship Programme here: WMG Summer Pedagogical Research Internships (

Closing date for applications is 30th April 2021.

Wed 31 Mar 2021, 15:52 | Tags: Education