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WMG PhD student receives international acclaim

Kateryna HechuKateryna Hechu, the lead author of a research paper entitled ‘Real-Time Measurement of Contraction Behaviour of Peritectic Steels During Solidification,’ has, along with her co-authors been awarded the prestigious 2017 Jerry Silver Award by The Association of Iron and Steel Technology (AIST).

AIST represents an international network of steel industry knowledge and expertise. It is a non-profit organisation with 17,500 members from more than 70 countries.

The Jerry Silver award is presented to the author of a process metallurgy or product applications technical paper judged to be the ‘best of class’ by the AIST Metallurgy – Processing, Products and Applications Technology Committee. One of the authors must be a student.

Kateryna co-wrote the paper with her WMG colleagues, Professor Sridhar Seetharaman, Dr Carl Slater and Dr Prakash Srirangam, and Dr Begona Santillana from TATA Steel NL.

Kateryna and her co-authors will be presented with the award at the AIST Metallurgy – Processing, Products and Applications Technology Committee meeting in Pittsburgh, on 10th October.

It is the second time that one of Professor Sridhar Seetharaman’s students has won the award. In 2012, Erica Sampson at Carnegie Mellon University also won ‘best of class’. Professor Seetharaman said: “AIST is a major international conference for iron and steelmaking, to win a best paper award in a competition with the world’s leading institutions is a great acclaim for WMG - where steelmaking research is gaining an international reputation.”