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WMG celebrates #1OfTheMillion Day

WMG is proud to be supporting the WISE #1OfTheMillion Day (Wednesday 10th June).

The WISE campaign celebrates the one million women who are now working in core STEM roles across the UK.

Margot JamesWMG’s Executive Chair Margot James commented: “ We need a positive plan to tackle the under-representation of women, people of colour and all minorities in our sectors. Industry needs a boosted pipeline of under-represented groups to feed the growing number of STEM roles.

“ During my time in government we analysed how behavioural insights might help us understand the career choices for young women, and women entering the workforce, in making decisions that’s leading them away from STEM subjects in school and from tech careers.

“ A diverse workforce, at all levels in an organisation, can improve a company’s bottom line and they are more likely to outperform their competitors financially. So, I am delighted that there are now one million women leading the way in STEM careers which is so essential for the continued success of our economy.”

Read more about the women working in STEM at WMG here.

Wed 10 Jun 2020, 11:02 | Tags: Athena Swan Margot James