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WMG hosts visit for members of the Dyson Task Force

Oli Blair and Shargil Ahmad from the Dyson Task Force recently visited WMG, to see for themselves the innovative approach taken by the Group to deliver real world solutions to industry.

The Dyson Task Force was set up by Conservative Leader David Cameron to make proposals about how the UK's competitive position could be improved through innovation, building on the UK's strong research base.

The Dyson team met with Lord Bhattacharyya and spent two hours discussing WMG's successful approach to innovation. A tour of the International Digital Laboratory and the International Manufacturing Centre enabled Oli and Shargil to see first-hand the breadth of research and capabilities of the Group.

They commented "There is certainly some fascinating work going on, and some very exciting projects that WMG are involved in. We went away in awe."

Dyson Task Force visit to WMGDyson Task Force visit to WMG