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WMG at first UK National Low Carbon Vehicle Event

WMG was proud to be one of over 100 exhibitors at the UK's first ever national event dedicated to the development of low carbon vehicles.

Hosted by Cenex, the UK centre of excellence for low carbon and fuel cell technologies, and supported by the Technology Strategy Board, the Government body that is driving forward innovation in low carbon vehicles, the event was held at Millbrook proving ground in Bedfordshire on Tuesday 28 October.

Advantage West Midlands was also a key sponsor of the event and WMG's showcase was located in the AWM pavilion. In addition to the chance for delegates to meet all the organisations, including WMG, that are at the forefront of developing this technology plus the opportunity to drive 'green' cars around the world-famous test tracks, some key announcements were made about the Government's low carbon programme.

Details were unveiled of a GBP10 million investment fund which aims to see up to 100 innovative ultra-low carbon demonstration vehicles on Britain's roads by the end of 2009. Plus a further GBP20 million for three R&D competitions.

WMG's Dr Alistair Keddie, who is chair of the Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technology Knowledge Transfer Network, chaired a panel discussion on 'Assisting Innovation in the UK Automotive Supply Chain'.

And members of WMG's teams working on hybrid vehicle architecture, intelligent vehicles, lightweight vehicles and clean manufacturing were present to discuss their work.

Around 800 delegates attended the event. TSB Chief Executive Iain Gray said: "Low carbon vehicle technology is exciting, practical and most importantly, real. Such vehicles are already on our roads and as the technology continues to improve rapidly they will only become more effective and more widely used."