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WorldFirst Hybrid Westfield Racing Car Launches at Goodwood Festival of Speed

WMG Research Engineer Stephen Lambert unveiled the WorldFirst Hybrid Westfield racing car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July introducing electric hybrid cars to club racing. The car performed two runs each day on the famous Goodwood hill climb and was on display in the FoS Tech pavilion.

The WorldFirst Hybrid Westfield Racing car showcases an innovative drivetrain, which is capable of propelling the vehicle from 0-60 miles per hour ind1908-23.jpg under 4 seconds. This incredible acceleration is achieved through the use of an innovative four-wheel drive system which increases the available traction. A formula one style “push to pass” button controls the power generated by the two 75kW motors which, in turn, use a formula one style inboard suspension to drive the front wheels independently of the 195bhp turbo charged engine, a first for Westfield Sports Cars.

The innovative battery package, manufactured using advanced e-manufacturing techniques allows cool air to flow around the individual lithium – ion cells and therefore the batteries can both be run at higher powers whilst achieve a longer burst in power. Stephen has worked with project partner EOS in developing this technology which allows the batteries to be situated within the tight packaging constraints of the Westfield Sportscars Chassis.  Project partner and Managing Director of Potenza Technology, Paul Faithfull said “The knowledge gained and transferred by working with WMG has led to the robust design and manufacture of reliable battery solutions which could potentially be used in many platforms.”

d1908-65.jpgBy working closely with the project partners, a system that performs to the highest standards of motorsport has been achieved. It is possible to run the car in electric only mode and in fact, collaboration partners Westfield Sportscars and Potenza technology have used the knowledge that Stephen has gained from the development of this hybrid, to also develop a new all electric racing car (the Westfield iRacer).

WMG Principal Fellow, Dr Steve Maggs, said “Following the success of this prototype, there is potential for the system to be rolled out for production and sale by Westfield Sportscars. In fact, the system that has been developed is pioneering in that it can be fully integrated into any motor vehicle and therefore has numerous potential exciting applications for the future of both motorsport and the automotive industry”.