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WMG academic and students on News at Ten

Tuesday 10 February 2009


 ITV To listen to the interviews, click on this image and look for the 'Recession UK' story halfway down on the right-hand side.


"The brains of today are the profits of tomorrow."


WMG's Principal Fellow Economics and two final year Engineering students were interviewed by ITV's News at Ten about prospects for graduates in the recession.

Third year BEng student Divya Surana told how she had so far been unlucky in her search for a graduate job. She said: "Many of the people on my course are still struggling to find a job. So far I have been unlucky too. I get to the final stage, to the interview, but then I get rejected or they just say they'll get back to me."

ITV Special Correspondent Penny Marshall, reporting from the University library and WMG's International Manufacturing Centre, explained how today's graduates, born in boom time, are now looking for work in a time of bust.

But Christopher Moir, formerly Director of Economics at the DTi who now advises WMG academics on the economic viability of their research ideas, said that there were still opportunities for good graduates. "These times are tougher than they have been for the past five, 10, perhaps 20 years. But employers are still recruiting: the brains of today are the profits of tomorrow. The question for our graduates is whether they are able to adjust their expectations to the realities of the labour market."

And Oliver Vogel, fourth year MEng student and member of the Warwick Mobile Robotics team based in the IMC agrees. He said: "The opportunities are out there if you're smart and risk-savvy. It's more difficult but not impossible."