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WMG alumnus appointed Honorary Fellow at the University of Warwick

WMG at the University of Warwick’s MSc Engineering Business Management alumnus, Kanishka Arumugam, has been appointed as an Honorary Fellow at the University’s Institute for Global Sustainable Development (IGSD).

Kanishka Arumugam is Co-CEO of EKKI Water Technologies, his family’s business, based in Coimbatore, India. The company efficiently and sustainablyPicture of WMG alumnus, Kanishka Arumugam pumps and transports water for agriculture, building services, and utilities, exporting its products to more than 20 countries.

As part of his commitment to sustainable innovation, he is the driving force behind the first wastewater joint venture in collaboration with HOMA, a renowned global wastewater technology company.

Kanishka Arumugam also holds the distinction of being the youngest National Next-Gen President at the CII Family Business Network. He also serves as a Trustee in his family's educational institutions and actively engages in various advisory roles for international start-ups and institutions.

In his role as an Honorary Fellow, he will share his unique insights on how businesses can be a force for good; promote sustainability in the water industry; and support students in gaining a broader understanding of entrepreneurship and sustainable global development.

Professor Elena Korosteleva, Director of IGSD at the University of Warwick, commented: “We extend our warmest welcome to Kanishka to our Institute for Global Sustainable Development. We’re excited to have him bring a fresh perspective on sustainable development and bridge the gap between academia and business, particularly through his involvement with water and wastewater industry globally.”

Kanishka Arumugam, CEO of EKKI Water Technologies, added: "I am deeply humbled and honored by the privilege of being appointed as an Honorary Fellow at the University of Warwick, my esteemed alma mater, which ranks among the top 5% in the world.

“At Oxford University, I honed my leadership acumen and gained a deeper comprehension of human interactions, while the University of Warwick provided me with the resources for applied academia and instilled in me a passion for global competitiveness and sustainable development.

“My close interactions with the late Professor Lord Bhattacharyya and Professor Sujit Banerji at WMG have further emphasized, within the context of EKKI, the critical importance of sustainability and global competitiveness.

“Whenever I step onto the Warwick campus, I am inspired by the incredibly bright minds filled with curiosity and ambition. I eagerly anticipate contributing my best in the coming years within this unique learning environment alongside this brilliant faculty and state-of-the-art facilities."

Professor Steve Maggs, Director of Alumni and Industrial Engagement with Education at WMG said :“It’s great to see Kanishka supporting Warwick through the IGSD. Kaniskha’s remarkable achievements and commitment to positive change make him a fantastic ambassador for the University – this is a great example of the importance of maintaining a lifelong relationship with our former students and the positive opportunities those relationships can foster. Congratulations Kanishka!”

Other distinguished Honorary Fellows of the IGSD include esteemed members of the House of Lords, such as Baroness Sheehan and Lord Teverson. The University has a history of recognising accomplished individuals with connections to India, including prominent figures like Mr. Ratan Tata, the former Chairman of the TATA Group, Mr. Venu Srinivasan of TVS Motors, and Sir Ralf Speth, the former CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, all of whom have received Honorary Doctorates and Honorary Fellow titles from the University.

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