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Our People

--departmental staff list--

WMG academic staff and principal fellows
Professor Lord BhattacharyyaChairman and Founder of WMG


Dr  Michael  AuingerAssistant Professor, Materials Modelling and Computation


Professor  Theo  ArvanitisProfessor, Head of the Biomedical Informatics, Imaging and Healthcare Technologies Research Group
Professor  Naomi  BrookesProfessor of Complex Programme Management
Professor  Dariusz  CeglarekProfessor
Professor  Alan  ChalmersProfessor of Visualisation
Professor  Claire  DavisProfessor
Professor  Mehrdad  DianatiProfessor (Autonomous Vehicles)
Professor  Janet  GodsellProfessor of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy
Professor  David  GreenwoodProfessor, Advanced Propulsion Systems
Professor  Robert  HarrisonProfessor of Automation Systems
Professor  Paul  JenningsProfessor, Energy and Electrical Systems
Professor  Ken  KendallProfessor
Professor  Kerry  KirwanProfessor, Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing
Professor  Carsten  MapleProfessor of Cyber Systems Engineering
Professor  James  MarcoProfessor
  Richard  McMahonProfessor of Power Electronics
Professor  Tony  McNallyProfessor, International Institute for Nanocomposites Manufacturing (IINM)
Professor  Caroline  MeyerProfessor, Applied Psychology
Professor  Giovanni  MontanaProfessor of Data Science
Professor  Kevin  NeaileyDirector of Undergraduate Programmes
Professor  Irene  NgProfessor of Marketing and Service Systems
Professor  Ton  PeijsProfessor of Polymer Processing
Professor  Gordon  SmithProfessorial Fellow
Professor  Tim  WatsonProfessor of Cyber Security

Associate Professor

Dr  Antony  AllenAssociate Professor
Dr  Ed  BrambleyAssociate Professor
Dr  Jerome  CharmetAssociate Professor
Dr  Stuart  ColesAssociate Professor
Dr  Claire  DancerAssociate Professor
Dr  Kurt  DebattistaReader
Dr  Georgios  DespotouAssociate Professor
Dr  Mark  ElliottAssociate Professor
Dr  Ahmet  ErAssociate Professor
Dr  Lukasz  FigielAssociate Professor
Dr  Jungong  HanAssociate Professor
Dr  Matthew  HigginsAssociate Professor
Dr  Darren  HughesAssociate Professor
Dr  John  LowAssociate Professor
Dr  Juliette  SoulardAssociate Professor, Electric Machines
Dr  Prakash  SrirangamAssociate Professor
Dr  Chaoying  WanAssociate Professor

Assistant Professor

Dr  Anup  BaraiAssistant Professor
Dr  Quang Truong  DinhAssistant Professor
Dr  T   Ibn-MohammedAssistant Professor
Dr  Dmitry  IsakovAssistant Professor
Dr  Joo  OhAssistant Professor
Dr  Tara  SchillerAssistant Professor
Dr  Jason  WarnettAssistant Professor
Dr  Dhammika  WidanalageAssistant Professor

Principal Fellow

Dr  David  BottPrincipal Fellow
Dr  David  ClarkPrincipal Fellow
Dr  Robin  DaviesPrincipal Fellow (Alumni)
Dr  Duncan  HinePrincipal Fellow
Dr  Alistair  KeddiePrincipal Fellow
Mr  Christopher  MoirPrincipal Fellow (Economics)


Dr  Gregory  GibbonsReader
Dr  Jeffrey  JonesReader
Dr  Zushu  LiReader

--meet our people--

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