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Our People

--departmental staff list--

WMG managerial and support staff


Mr  Abdul-Rahman  AlkhanatiWeb Developer
Mrs  Zeinab  AlmowafySoftware Developer
Miss  Ehman  AltafApprentice Technician
Miss  Anna  Alvarez RegueraProject Engineer
Mrs  Hannah  AndersonMarketing and Communications Executive, WMG HVM Catapult
Mr  Benjamin  AyreGraduate Trainee Engineer


Mrs  Joanna  BaileyProject Manager
Miss  Emma  BakerFinance Assistant
Dr  Kogila  BalakrishnanDirector of Client and Business Development (East Asia)
Mr  Robert  BallLead Engineer
Mr  Garry  BarnesEngineering Technician
Mr  Hardev  BassanIT Support Analyst
Mr  Kashmir  BassiFacilities Assistant
Mr  Christopher  BaughanTest and Development Enginner
Mr  Joseph  BenjaminApprentice Technician
Mr  Martin  BiggsManagement Accountant
Mrs  Caroline  BinchMarketing and Communications Executive
Miss  Abi  BothamHR Team Leader
Mr  Paul  BradleyHead of Finance Projects
Miss  Emily  BranniganProgramme Co-ordinator
Mr  Richard  BrookesPrincipal Engineer
Mr  Simon  BroomeInnovation Manager
Dr  Chiara  BusaProject Engineer
Dr  Ian  ButterworthTechnology Transfer Engineer
Miss  Pia  ByrneSenior Programme Co-ordinator


Miss  Julie  CarderSenior Administration Officer (HR)
Dr  Tanya  CareyAcademic Administrator
Mrs  Debbie  CarterFinance Manager
Mr  Richard  CattonGeneral Assistant
Mrs  Eyerusalem  ChakaEngineering Technician
Mr  Pak Hung  ChanGraduate Trainee Engineer
Mr  Stene  CharmerLead Engineer
Mr  Tony  ChemytshTest Facility Engineer (Pilot Line)
Ms  Agnieszka  ChmaraExecutive Assistant, Chairman's Office
Mrs  Kathleen  ChoudharyPersonal Assistant
Mr  Zach  ClarkeApprentice Technician
Mr  Ben  CleaverE-Learning Technologist
Ms  Jane  ColemanChief Operating Officer
Mr  Edward  CollettEngineering Technician
Miss  Amy  CollinsAcademic Quality Officer
Mrs  Nikki  ConstantChief Finance Officer
Mr  Pedro  ContrerasLead Engineer
Mr  David  CooperPrecision Engineer
Mrs  Nicole  Craddock- ZhangClient Manager
Ms  Renee  CrouchReceptionist and Clerical Assistant IIPSI
Mr  Scott  CrowtherInnovation Manager
Mrs  Rachel  Curno-HillAdministrative Assistant (HR)
Miss  Sophie  CurryReceptionist and Clerical Assistant
Mr  Will  CurryFacilities Support Technician
Mr  Alex  CzernianinProgramme Manager


Ms  Christine  D'CruzTeaching and Learning Officer
Mrs  Marta  De MiguelProject Officer
Mrs  Konstantina  DeeAdministrative Officer - Careers & Employability
Dr  Weihua  DengProject Engineer
Mr  Shaun  DixonTest Facility Engineer (Batteries)
Mrs  Jenny  DonohueAssistant Programme Co-ordinator
Miss  Rebecca  DoustResearch and Business Development Officer
Miss  Karen  DownAlumni Co-ordinator
Mr  Martin  DowsonPrincipal Engineer


Mrs  Sue  EavesAdministrative Assistant (HR)
Miss  Sallyann  EdwardsAdministrative Co-ordinator, Institute of Digital Healthcare
Miss  Elizabeth  ElliottTeaching & Learnng Officer
Mr  Matthew  ElliottProject Manager
Mr  Christopher  EnglandSenior Systems Specialist
Mr  Onur  ErenInnovation Manager
Mr  Christopher  EvansHead of Technology Enhanced Learning
Mr  Harry  EvansProject Officer


Ms  Danni  Fagan-ShawPersonal Assistant
Mrs  Julia  FanResearch Degrees Co-ordinator
Mrs  Caroline  FarrenUniversity Senior Health and Safety Advisor
Ms  Catherine  FawcettPostgraduate Recruitment and Marketing Manager
Mr  Piero  FilippinTechnology Transfer Specialist - Digital Innovation
Mrs  Nicole  FlanaganStaff Recruitment Officer
Miss  Christine  FosterAdministrative and Project Co-ordinator
Mr  John  FoxProgramme Director - Midlands Future Mobility
Mr  Simon  FoxHead of Technical Services
Mrs  Wendy  FoxProject Manager


Miss  Bethany  GalvinGeneral Assistant
Mrs  Olivia  Garcia- HernandezProject Manager
Mr  Simon  GarwoodInnovation Manager
Mr  Adriaan  GerberPrincipal Engineer
Mr  Phil  GibbonsEngineering Technician
Miss  Corrina  GibbsHead of Research and Development
Dr  Sophia  GibbsResearch and Business Development Officer
Ms  Susan  GibsonSustainable Materials and Manufacturing CDT Administrator
Mrs  Kate  GilliesProgramme Co-ordinator
Mr  Alexander  GlazerProgramme Co-ordinator
Mrs  Rochelle  Gluyas- CainBuildings and Facilities Officer
Miss  Katerina  GonosGraduate Trainee Engineer
Mrs  Catherine  GordonSenior Administrator
Mr  Darren  GrantPrecision Engineer
Mr  Michael  GreenLaboratory Assistant
Mrs  Agata  GresztaProject Engineer
Mr  Edward  GriffinGraduate Trainee Engineer
Miss  Caroline  GuestInnovation Manager


Mr  Paul  HadlumTest Engineer
Mr  Niall  HamiltonPrincipal Design Engineer
Mrs  Michelle  HamptonProgramme Co ordinator
Mrs  Lisa  HardingHead of Marketing and Communications
Mr  Andrew  HarrisPrincipal Engineer
Miss  Mandy  HarrisProject Manager
Mr  Mark  HartburnProject Manager
Mr  Tom  HartwellMarketing and Communications Executive
Ms  Georgina  HaslopPersonal Assistant
Miss  Bethany  HaynesEngineering Technician
Miss  Philippa  HeiglProject and Administrative Co-ordinator
Mr  Steve  HeinrichChief Engineer
Mr  Marc  HerringIT Support Analyst
Dr  Stephen  HewittTest Facility Engineer
Mr  Rich  HillIT Support Analyst
Mr  Edward  HodierneApprentice Technician
Mr  Justin  HollowayProject Engineer
Miss  Rachael  HolmanEvents and Marketing Executive
Dr  Jim  HooperPrincipal Engineer
Ms  Sue  HornerHR Officer
Mr  Malachy  HughesPrecision Engineer
Mr  Mike  HundalSystems Manager
Mrs  Samima  HussainSenior Programme Co-ordinator


Miss  Lucy  InmanTeaching and Learning Officer
Mr  Oliver  IslesApprentice Technician
Mrs  Hasina  IsmailPersonal Assistant


Mrs  Alexandra  JacksonProgramme Co ordinator
Mrs  Dona  JamesFinance Assistant
Ms  Mona  JesriProject Engineer
Mr  Paul  JohnsonTechnical Services Manager
Mr  Matthew  JonesPrincipal Teaching Fellow, Deputy Director WMG UG Programmes
Miss  Nicole  JonesProgramme Coordinator
Miss  Fran  JordanSenior Accounts Assistant


Ms  Malarvizhi  Kaniappan-ChinnathaiProject Engineer
Miss  Jaspal  KaurIndustrial Visits Co-ordinator
Miss  Isabel  KayHR Assistant
Mr  Gavin  KellyFinance Manager
Miss  Eleanor  KempsterTeaching and Learning Officer
Mr  Mohammed  KhanSoftware Engineer
Mr  Sikander  KhanFinance Manager
Mr  Siddartha  KhastgirPrincipal Engineer
Mrs  Victoria  KirbyFinance Manager
Mr  Sergey  KonstantinovProject Engineer
Mr  Ganesh  Kumar-MukilanTest Facility Engineer


Mrs  Beverley  LampertPersonal Assistant
Mrs  Dawn  LaneHR Assistant
Mr  Richard  LaneSenior Engineering Officer
Mr  Richard  LaneSenior Engineering Office r
Mr  Richard  LaneSenior Engineering Office r
Mrs  Madeleine  LangeveldTeaching and Learning Manager
Dr  Paul  LansdellInnovation Manager
Mr  Simon  LasekEngineering Technician
Dr  Andrew  LeatherbarrowLead Engineer
Dr  Graham  LeeLead Engineer
Mrs  Carine  LewisClient Relationship & Business Development Manager
Miss  Jennifer  Lewis SwanPersonal Assistant
Dr  Jun  LiuResearch Fellow
Ms  Liubov  LobanovaAcademic Quality Co-ordinator
Mr  Carl  LobjoitPrecision Engineer
Mr  Christopher  LowersSystems Administrator
Miss  Helen  LuckhurstProject Officer


Mr  Archie  MacPhersonCEO, WMG centre High Value Manufacturing Catapult
Miss  Harkiran  MahalHR Assistant
Dr  Kylash  MakenjiInnovation Manager
Mrs  Nazia  MalikSenior Accounts Assistant
Dr  Nicholas  MallinsonProgramme Manager, WMG High Value Manufacturing Catapult
Miss  Jen  ManerovaTechnology Transfer Engineer
Dr  Paul  MarshallHead of Strategic Partnerships
Mrs  Sabrina  MatonSenior Finance Assistant
Mr  Piotr  MazurkiewiczSenior Teaching Fellow
  Elizabeth  McArdleInnovation Manager
Mr  Paul  McDonaldDigital Marketing Officer
Mrs  Cathy  McGarryFinance Manager
Mr  Joshua  McIlkennyApprentice Technician
Dr  James  MeredithProject Manager
Ms  Rebecca  MeyjesProgramme Co-ordinator
Mr  Luke  MillageWorkshop Manager
Dr  Paul  MilneProject Manager
Mr  Divyesh  MistryApprentice Technician
Mr  Shumi  MitraFinance Manager
Dr  Tony  MoProject Engineer
Mr  Richard  MoffattSenior Administrative Officer (HR)
Dr  Saad  MohamadResearch Fellow Machine Learning
Miss  Francesca  MolinaPostgraduate Student Recruitment Officer
Ms  Joy  MontgomeryPA to the Chair of the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine
Ms  Joy   Montgomery PA to the Chair of the Facult y of Science, Engineering and Medicine
Mr  Ian  MooreGeneral Assistant
Miss  Katrina  MoorePostgraduate Recruitment Marketing Officer
Mr  Thomas  MooreApprentice Technician
Mr  Hadi  MoztarzadehSenior Technology Officer
Mrs  Jennie  MurrayTechnology Transfer Engineer
Mrs  Sharon  MurrayTeaching & Learning Officer


Miss  Vidya  NarayananGraduate Trainee Engineer
Miss  Stacey  NealReceptionist / Clerical Assistant
Mr  Russell  NobleInnovation Manager
Dr  David  NormanTechnology Transfer Engineer
Mr  Michael  NortonPowertrain Test & Development Engineer


Mrs  Louise  OddyGraduate Scheme Manager
Mr  Michael  OdunlamiTechnical Business Analyst
Mrs  Alison  OsborneMarketing Manager
Dr  Elizabeth  OselandProject Engineer


Ms  India  PalmerTeaching and Learning Officer
Mr  John  PalmerProject Engineer
Mrs  Mita  PanchalProject Officer
Dr  Yong  PangLead Engineer
Dr  Young  ParkSystems Manager
Mr  Zachary  ParkinsonWorkshop Manager
Mr  Stephen  PatemanBattery Testing and Characterisation Engineer
Dr  Daniel  PeavoyInnovation Manager
Ms  Leti  Perez-MartinOverseas Programme Co-ordinator
Mr  Vin  Perry-FrenchProcess Technician
Mr  Jeff  PrattDirector of UK Battery Industri alisaton Centre


Mrs  Priya  RajuProject Support Officer
Miss  Julie  RawlinsonSenior Programme Coordinator
Mr  Max  RayboneApprentice
Mr  Richard  ReynoldsIT Systems Administrator
Mr  Tony  RichardsonHealth, Safety and Environment Project Lead
Mr  Tony  RidlerProject Manager
Miss  Anna  RitchleyProgramme Manager, UK Battery Indsutrialisation Centre
Mr  Gareth  RobertsProgramme and Relationship Manager
Mr  John  RobertsFacilities Manager
Mr  Andy  RylottSenior Cyber Security and Forensic Specialist


Mr  Rahiel  SajadFacilities Suppoet Technician
Mr  Daniel  SalotraInstrumentation Technician
Miss  Kaleigh  SamsPersonal Assistant
Miss  Emma  SandersEngineering Technician
Mr  Jonathan  SansomLead Engineer
Miss  Michaela  ScarleFinance Assistant
Mr  Richard  SeagerBusiness Development Manager
Mr  Richard  SeagoFacilities Development and Services Director
Mr  Mohammad  ShahjalalProject Engineer
Ms  Carla  ShepherdProject Officer
Mr  Michael  SherwinSenior Accounts Assistant
Mrs  Ruth  ShirleyStaff Recruitment Officer
Mrs  Pritpal (Pritti)  ShokerPersonal Assistant
Mr  Chetan  ShroutiProject Manager
Mrs  Lorraine  SmithProgramme Co-ordinator
Mr  Jason  SnowAssistant Research Degrees Co-ordinator
Ms  Alison  SolmanResearch Projects Co-ordinator
Mr  Matthew  SolomonManagement Accountant
Mrs  Oyekemi  SonugaSenior Finance Assistant
Mrs  Karolina  SpytekResearch Degrees Co-ordinator
Mr  Adrian  StevensProject Engineer
Mr  Darren  StewardsonMaterials Technologist
Mr  Gary  StockerTest Engineer
Mr  Ian  StokerFacilities Manager, National Automotive Innovation Centre
Mrs  Nicola  SummerfieldProgramme Co-ordinator
Mrs  Ragvinder  SuranaProgramme Secretary
Mr  Malcolm  SwainProject Engineer
Dr  Mark  SwiftHead of SME Programmes
Mr  Matthew  SwiftTechnology Officer
Mr  Adam  SzypulaGraduate Trainee Engineer


Mr  Fengzai  TangTest Facility Engineer
Mr  Adrian  TaylorPrecision Engineer
Mr  Gareth  TaylorDeputy Director, Professional and Executive Programmes
Mrs  Sheree  ThompsonProgramme Co-ordinator
Dr  Judith  TimmsProject Manager
Dr  Caroline  TiteSTF Programme and Project Management
Mr  Andrew  TonnerClient & Business Development Manager
Mr  Yashraj  TripathyProject Engineer
Mr  Marios  TsekisSoftware Engineer
Ms  Vivienne  TsimbiliPersonal Assistant


Mr  Gideon  UkaegbuProject Support Officer
Miss  Puja  UnadkatGraduate Trainee Engineer
Mrs  Julie  UnderhillFinance Assistant


Mr  Andrey  VasilyevProject Engineer


Mr  Christopher  W oodallLead Engineer
Miss  Louise  WakemanIDL Receptionist / Clerical Assistant
Miss  Jessica  WalkerProgramme Co-ordinator
Mr  Phil  WallProgramme Manager
Mr  Adam  WaltonLead Engineer
Mr  Joseph  WardApprentice Technician
Mr  Mohammed  WaseemProject Engineer - Automation
Ms  Claire  WheatleyPA t o Academic Director
Mr  Philip  WhiffinHead of Advanced Propulsion Systems
Mr  Gary  WhiteFacilities Support Technician
Ms  Katharine  WiddowsProject Support Officer
Mrs  Nicola  WilkinsonResearch Project Administrator
Mr  Darren  WoonTechnical Services Manager
Mr  Martin  WorrallTest Facility Engineer
Mr  Malcolm  WyattClient Development Manager


Dr  Shanshan  YangE-Learning Developer (IDH)


Mr  Jiayi  ZhangSoftware Developer
Ms  Teng  ZhangHead of Financial Operations

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