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WMG People

We're an ambitious team of experts made up of professors, researchers, engineers, business specialists, teachers and support staff who push the boundaries of what is possible.

We create an environment that inspires confidence and creativity. A real team ethos runs right through our core, and we recognise the contributions from everyone at every level.

Together we make a real impact on industry, companies and organisations, through our collaborative approach to research and world class education.

Professor Janet Godsell
Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy
Dr Vannessa Goodship
Principal Research Fellow
Valentina Donzella
Senior Teaching Fellow
Elspeth Keating
Research Fellow
Freeha Azmat
Senior Teaching Fellow
WMG research and project staff


Mr  Ahmad  AbdalazimProject Manager
Dr  Elijah  AdegokeResearch Fellow
Dr  Sul  AdemiProject Engineer
Dr  Bilal  AhmadResearch Fellow
Mr  Mus'ab  AhmadProject Engineer
Dr  Rehab  Al BotrosResearch Fellow
Dr  Omar  Al-JarrahResearch Fellow
Dr  Bugra  AlkanResearch Fellow
Dr  Walid  AllafiResearch Fellow
Dr  Osama  AlluhaibiResearch Fellow
Mr  Sid- Ali  AmamraResearch Fellow
Dr  Tazdin  AmietszajewResearch Fellow
Mr  Mark  Amor-SeganPrincipal Engineer
Dr  Helen  AscroftSenior Research Fellow
Dr  Selcuk  AtalayResearch Fellow
Dr  Alex  AttridgeProject Manager
Dr  Shalini  AwasthiResearch Fellow


Mr  Manoj Kumar  BabuResearch Fellow
Ms  Val  BaierResearch Assistant
Dr  Katherine  BaileyPrincipal Engineer
Dr  Maria  BalartResearch Fellow
Dr  Manikandan  BalasundaramResearch Fellow
Mr  Anup  BaraiSenior Research Fellow
Mr  Richard  BeaumontResearch Fellow
Mr  Hugh  BoyesPrincipal Engineer
Mr  Matthew  BradburyResearch Fellow
Mr  James  BrandonProject Engineer
Mr  Ferran  Brosa PlanellaResearch Assistant
Dr  Truong Ngoc Minh  BuiResearch Fellow
Dr  Christopher  BurnsResearch Fellow


Dr  Lianfang  CaiProject Engineer
Dr  Sara  CannizzaroResearch Fellow
Dr  Matthew  CapenerProject Engineer
Dr  Craig  CarnegieResearch Fellow
Mrs  Ruth  Carvajal OrtizResearch Assistant
Mr  Masilamani  ChelladuraiResearch Fellow
Mr  Jason  ClarkeProject Engineer
Miss  Sarah  ConnollyResearch Assistant
Mr  Mattea  ContiProject Engineer
Dr  Oliver  CurnickSenior Research Fellow


Mr  Abhishek  DasResearch Assistant
Mr  Gunwant  DhadyallaChief Engineer
Miss  Ran  DongResearch Assistant
Mr  Michael  DonnellyProject Engineer


Dr  Pei San  EResearch Fellow
Mr  Alex  EvansProject Engineer
Miss  Jill  EvansResearch Assistant


Dr  Mona  Faraji NiriResearch Fellow
Dr  Carlo  FerriResearch Fellow
Dr  Eleni  FiamegkouResearch Fellow
Dr  Pasquale  FranciosaSenior Research Fellow


Dr  Yang  GaoResearch Fellow
Miss  Laura  GendreResearch Assistant
Dr  Emile  GlorieuxResearch Fellow
Dr  Siew Yan  GohResearch Fellow
Dr  Vannessa  GoodshipPrincipal Research Fellow
Dr  Thomas  GrandjeanResearch Fellow
Dr  Jakobus  GroenewaldTest Facility Engineer 3xD Simulator
Mr  Richard  GrovesProject Engineer
Mr  Yufeng  GuoProject Engineer
Dr  Jaipal  GuptaResearch Assistant


Dr  Russell  HallSenior Research Fellow
Dr  Bostjan  HariResearch Fellow
Dr  Sumit  HazraSenior Research Fellow
Dr  Elham  HosseinzadehResearch Fellow
Dr  Yang  HuResearch Fellow
Mrs  Qianye  HuangProject Engineer
Mr  Matthew  HuntResearch Fellow


Mrs  Lee- Rose  JordanProject Manager


Dr  Erik  KampertSenior Research Fellow
Dr  Elspeth  KeatingResearch Fellow
Dr  Ozsel  KilincResearch Fellow
Mr  Ercihan  KiraciLead Engineer
Dr  Hiren  KotadiaResearch Fellow
  Nadia  KourraResearch Fellow
Dr  Ku  Ku AhamadResearch Fellow


Dr  Sudakshina  LahiriSenior Research Fellow
Dr  Michael  LainLead Engineer
Ms  Pauline  LapworthProject Manager
Dr  An-Tuan  LeResearch Fellow
Dr  Dezhi  LiSenior Research Fellow
Dr  Liuying  LiResearch Fellow
Dr  Zushu  LiPrincipal Research Fellow
Dr  Sarah  Lim Choi KeungResearch Fellow
Dr  Tzu- Chi  LinResearch Fellow
Ms  Danqing  LiuResearch Fellow
Dr  Kailong  LiuResearch Fellow
Miss  Yiding  LiuResearch Assistant
Mr  Danilo  Llano ChiguanoResearch Fellow
Dr  Melanie  LoveridgeSenior Research Fellow
Miss  Ke  LuResearch Fellow


Mr  Sinong  MaResearch Fellow
Miss  Faduma  MaddarProject Engineer
Dr  Asish  MalasResearch Fellow
Mr  Demetris  MarneridesResearch Assistant
Dr  Jean  MarshallResearch Fellow
Miss  Olivia  MasonProject Officer
Dr  Maryam  MasoodResearch Fellow
Dr  Iain  MastersSenior Research Fellow
Dr  Andrew  McGordonPrincipal Engineer
Dr  Bethany  MiddletonResearch Fellow
Mr  Andrew  MoorePrincipal Engineer
Dr  Andrew  MottramProject Engineer


Dr  Phillip  NewallResearch Fellow


Dr  Luis  OliveiraResearch Fellow
Dr  Esra  OzdemirResearch Fellow
Mr  Matthew  OzoemenaResearch Fellow


Dr  Arnab  PalitSenior Research Fellow
Dr  George  PappasResearch Fellow
Dr  Anisha  PatelResearch Fellow
Dr  Mikhail  PoluektovResearch Fellow
Dr  Daniela  ProprentnerResearch Fellow
Dr  Suzanna- Marie  PsailaResearch Fellow


Dr  Connie  QianResearch Fellow


Dr  Ashwin  RajanResearch Fellow
Mrs  Bhagavathy  RamachandranSenior Teaching Fellow
Miss  Moeini  RanaProject Engineer
Dr  Muhammad  RashidResearch Fellow
Mr  Neil  ReynoldsSenior Research Fellow
Dr  Alex  RidgeResearch Fellow
Mr  Alexander  RobertsPrincipal Engineer
Dr  Rui  RodriguesResearch Fellow
Dr  Claire  RossouwResearch Fellow


Mr  Armando  SerinoProject Engineer
Dr  Mingdong  ShangResearch Fellow
Mr  Shubham  SharmaProject Engineer
Dr  James  Shaw- StewartResearch Fellow
Mr  Muhammad  SheikhProject Engineer
Dr  Kai  ShiResearch Fellow
Mrs  Helena  SimmondsLead Engineer
Dr  Carl  SlaterResearch Fellow
Mr  Stephen  SpoonerResearch Fellow
Ms  Leyla  SultanovaResearch Assistant
Dr  Tianzhu  SunResearch Fellow
Mr  Krishnama Raju  SuraparajuProject Engineer


Dr  Chaou  TanResearch Fellow
Dr  James  TaylorResearch Fellow
Mr  Scott  TaylorResearch Fellow
Mr  Arun  ThanikachalamProject Engineer
Mr  Santhaseelan  ThirupathiProject Engineer
Mr  Rohin  TitmarshProject Engineer
Dr  Maria  TsiamtsouriProject Engineer


Dr  Barbara  Urasinska-WojcikResearch Fellow


Mr  Alberto  VenturiProject Engineer
Dr  Daniel  VeraSenior Research Fellow


Dr  John  WalePrincipal Engineer
Mrs  Jo  WallingtonProject Officer
Dr  Jianguo  WangResearch Fellow
Miss  Rachel  WeareProject Engineer
Dr  Geoff  WestSenior Research Fellow
Mr  David  WilliamsProject Manager
Dr  Peter  WilsonResearch Fellow
Dr  James  WinnettSenior Research Fellow
Mr  Michael  WoodResearch Fellow
Dr  Roger  WoodmanResearch Fellow


Dr  David  XieMarie Curie Research Fellow


Dr  Chek Pin  YangResearch Fellow
Dr  Mohammad  Yazdani AsramiProject Engineer
Dr  Yifei  YuResearch Fellow


Dr  Nima  ZabihiResearch Fellow
Dr  Frank  ZhouResearch Fellow
Mr  Yuyi  ZhuResearch Assistant