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Assistant Professor


University of Warwick

Research Interests

Dr Warnett's main research focus is in X-ray Computed Tomography (XCT). His primary research interests are in error quantification of XCT for metrology, non-destructive testing, volumetric strain analysis and applied image processing techniques. He has experience in quantitative application of the technique to evaluation of additive manufacture, materials characterisation, automotive/aerospace industries and heritage sector.


Dr Warnett joined WMG as an Assistant Professor in August 2016.

Dr Warnett previously was a Research Fellow within the Product Evaluation Technologies group at WMG, managing research in X-ray Computed Tomography. In particular, he worked with numerous industrial partners to exploit the technique to aid in new product development. Alongside, Dr Warnett has helped demonstrate the technique to non-engineering groups that has enhanced their own applications such as West Midlands Police and Oxford Natural History Museum.

Dr Warnett obtained a BSc Mathematics in 2009, MSc Mechanical Systems Engineering in 2010 and PhD Engineering (focused on granular flows) 2014 all within the University of Warwick.

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