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University of Warwick
T:   024 7657 3094
W:   Steels Processing

Research Interests

The relationship between microstructure, processing and properties of metals has been a unifying theme in Professor Shollock's research. Problems addressed include ordering reactions in titanium alloys, high temperature stability in nickel superalloys and precipitation in aluminium alloys. A range of techniques (electron microscopy, electron back-scattered diffraction, focussed ion beam/secondary ion mass spectroscopy and field ion microscopy/atom probe analysis) is applied to these problems. Apart from studying the physical metallurgy, Professor Shollock has investigated the micro-mechanisms of deformation in aluminium, titanium and nickel alloys using a range of electron microscopy-based techniques.

Professor Shollock's research on high temperature stability of nickel superalloys developed into additional research into oxidation and the long term stability of the microstructure and coatings. The award of an EPSRC grant extended this research into the effects of oxygen on fatigue crack growth. Other programmes have included oxygen effects in titanium alloys and oxidation of zirconium alloys and steels. Key research findings include elucidation of oxygen and hydrogen transport during oxidation of superalloys and zirconium, the role of rare earth elements in oxidation, and the development of novel methodologies combining electron and ion-based analysis techniques.


Professor Barbara Shollock is Academic Director of WMG and Professor within the Steels Processing research group.

Professor Shollock joined WMG in 2014 from Imperial College London where she was a Senior Lecturer. She gained her undergraduate degree from Lehigh University, Pennsylvania and D.Phil from University of Oxford. She has been a TFR visiting Professor at Technical University of Lulea Sweden and held an industrial fellowship with The Royal Society.

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