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University of Warwick
T:   024 7615 1464
W:   Energy and Electrical Systems

Research Groups

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  • Research Interests

    Using applied mathematics to model challenging dynamical non-linear systems. This includes optimal experiment design for efficient data collection, employing numerical methods to quantify unknown model parameters, and implementing analytical methods to perform structural identifiability and indistinguishability analyses, in order to build mechanistic models which can produce robust simulations and predictions.


    Dr Thomas Grandjean graduated with a First-Class MEng Honours degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Warwick in 2009, winning the Dean's Award for Outstanding Academic Performance and the Institution of Mechanical Engineering Best Student Certificate. He subsequently completed his Ph.D. titled 'Mathematical Modelling of Transporter Kinetics' in the Systems, Measurement and Modelling Research Group at the University of Warwick in 2013. Upon graduating, Thomas was appointed as a Research Fellow on the WMG High Value Manufacturing team to model energy storage systems relevant for low carbon transport, publishing journal articles on structural identifiability of Li-ion battery models, thermal modelling, and preserving the value of automotive traction batteries at End-of-Life.

    Research Projects

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    • Grandjean, Thomas, Barai, Anup, Hosseinzadeh, Elham, Guo, Yue, McGordon, Andrew, Marco, James, 2017. Large format lithium ion pouch cell full thermal characterisation for improved electric vehicle thermal management. Journal of Power Sources, 359, pp. 215-225, View

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