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University of Warwick
T:   024 7652 4290
W:   E-Business Research

Research Interests

Virtual business ecosystems, virtual organisation breeding environments, creating value through the internet, electronic markets and improving the success rate of IT projects


After A-Levels at school in Warwick (the town) and a degree in electronics and management, he joined GEC Telecommunications as a electronic circuit techniques designer, working on large telephone exchanges. Everytime the phone rings, he is reminded of his work on Ringing and Metering circuits (should the designer get a copyright fee everytime the phone rings, how is that different from the Crazy Frog ringtone fees?) He was then sponsored by GEC onto the EITB Fellowship in Manufacturing Management ( at Cranfield University ). After completing this high level Manufacturing MBA, he worked as Test Manager, Quality Manager and Production Manager at GEC Private Systems. He then left to complete export versions of telephone ringing and metering circuits before completing a masters degree at UMIST on integrated IC systems design. Joining Plessey Research, he then worked on integrated Circuit CAD systems, before being recruited by the Rover Advanced Technology Centre to work at applying advanced technologies into cars. Expert Systems, IT projects, IT Strategy, fault diagnosis and CAD were some of the project areas he worked on.

A desire to see the world and to ponder on deeper issues led to a year spent travelling the world. On return he joined WMG and completed his PhD on Knowledge Based Systems as well as spending time delivering couses on Electronics, IT and Business all over the World.

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