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Associate Professor


University of Warwick
T:   024 7615 1604
W:   IDH Motion Capture Laboratory

Research Interests

- Monitoring, measuring and modelling of human movement
- Objective measures of human behaviour and behaviour change
- Incentivising physical activity using smartphone and wearable technologies.
- Technology and data driven research into osteoarthritis


Mark is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Digital Healthcare, WMG and PI of the WMG Motion Capture Laboratory.

Mark's core research focuses on human movement analytics. His research uses signal processing and data science approaches to monitor, measure and model movement in a range of different contexts. A key focus of his current research is in the area of osteoarthritis, using measures of movement and activity to provide personalised planning of joint replacement positioning and post-surgical monitoring of recovery.

His work further extends into the broader area of using wearable and on-the-body sensing devices to make objective measures of human behaviour and behaviour change. Recently, this research has focussed on the use of financial incentives to drive physical activity behaviour change.

Much of Mark's research is highly applied and involves collaborating with commercial and NHS partners. He is currently Data Analytics Theme Lead for the EPSRC funded OATech+ Network and on the steering committee for the EPSRC funded VSimulators facilities at Bath and Exeter Universities.

Prior to his current position, Mark was a Research Fellow in the Sensory Motor Neuroscience (SyMoN) lab at the University of Birmingham. He completed his PhD at Aston University, developing intelligent systems to discriminate between different walking patterns. Before completing his PhD, Mark qualified with an MEng in Electronic Systems Engineering (Aston University) and worked for 3 years as a Design Engineer in the telecommunications industry.

Research Projects

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Books and Chapters
  • Elliott, Mark T., Ward, Dominic, Stables, Ryan, Fraser, Dagmar, Jacoby, Nori, Wing, Alan M., 2018. Analysing multi-person timing in music and movement : event based methods. In: Vatakis, Argiro; Balci, Fuat; Di Luca, Massimiliano; Correa, àngel; (ed.), Timing and Time Perception : Procedures, Measures, and Applications: , Brill, pp. 177-215, View
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