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University of Warwick

Research Interests

A materials chemist and solid state chemist, with research interests in developing novel battery technologies. Materials through to devices. Material chemistry, solid state chemistry, materials synthesis, new battery materials, electrode development, cell designs, electrochemical testing, cell development.


Dr Emma Kendrick FIMMM, FRSC, is a materials chemist and energy storage technical specialist, and joined WMG in late 2016 after a period of years leading industrial R&D projects in novel battery technologies. Formerly she was the chief technologist in energy storage at Sharp Laboratories of Europe Ltd (SLE) where she established the energy storage research and development program in sodium ion batteries; prior to SLE she was lead scientist for two start-up companies in lithium ion batteries, Surion Energy and Fife Batteries. She has been active in the field of functional materials for nearly 20 years, initially developing new ceramic pigments and synthesis methods for pigments (CERAM and Holliday pigments/ Lboro Uni) and latterly moved into the energy materials sector, fuel cells (Uni Surrey) and batteries. External positions include honorary positions within the departments of chemical engineering at University College London, and chemistry at the University of Birmingham, she is a recent appointee in the strategic advisory team (SAT) for EPSRC in physical sciences and a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry materials division council, as well as having several advisory board positions including STFC batteries and Energy SuperStore. Her academic qualifications include a BSc in chemistry from the University of Manchester, MSc and PhD in solid state materials from the University of Aberdeen and Keele University /CERAM research.

Research Projects

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  • Driscoll, L. L., Kendrick, Emma, Knight, K. S., Wright, A. J., Slater, P. R., 2018. Investigation into the dehydration of selenate doped Na 2 M(SO 4 ) 2 ·2H 2 O (M = Mn, Fe, Co and Ni): Stabilisation of the high Na content alluaudite phases Na 3 M 1.5 (SO 4 ) 3-1.5x (SeO 4 ) 1.5x (M = Mn, Co and Ni) through selenate incorporation. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 258, pp. 64-71, View
  • Ledwoch, Daniela, Brett, Daniel J. L., Shearing, Paul R., Kendrick, Emma, 2017. Investigation of the sodiation and desodiation of hard carbon by electrochemical testing and X-Ray computed tomography. ECS Transactions, 75 (52), pp. 81-90, View
  • Robinson, James B., Finegan, Donal P., Heenan, Thomas M. M., Smith, Katherine, Kendrick, Emma, Brett, Daniel J. L., Shearing, Paul R., 2017. Microstructural analysis of the effects of thermal runaway on Li-ion and Na-ion battery electrodes. Journal of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage, 15 (1), View
  • Driscoll, L. L., Kendrick, Emma, Wright, A. J., Slater, P. R., 2016. Investigation into the effect on structure of oxoanion doping in Na2M(SO4)2·2H2O. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 242, pp. 103-111, View
  • Ledwoch, D., Brett, D. J. L., Kendrick, Emma, 2016. The performance of hard carbon in a sodium ion battery and influence of the sodium metal in observed properties. ECS Transactions, 72 (33), pp. 17-22, View
  • Treacher, Joshua C., Wood, Stephen M., Islam, M. Saiful, Kendrick, Emma, 2016. Na2CoSiO4as a cathode material for sodium-ion batteries : structure, electrochemistry and diffusion pathways. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18 (48), pp. 32744-32752, View
  • Smith, Katherine, Treacher, Joshua, Ledwoch, Daniela, Adamson, Paul, Kendrick, Emma, 2017. Novel high energy density sodium layered oxide cathode materials : from material to cells, Published in ECS Transactions, pp. 13-24, View

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