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Associate Professor


University of Warwick
T:   024 7652 3387
W:   Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing

Research Groups

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  • Research Interests

    Sustainable Materials; Circular Economy; Bio-based Polymers; Biocomposites; Life Cycle Analysis; Multi-Criteria Decision Aiding;


    I am an Associate Professor at WMG, University of Warwick (UK) working in the area of sustainable materials and manufacturing. My main research interests are geared towards the use of waste, recycled and bio-based materials into commercial products and processes and understanding the overall environmental impact of those actions.

    Most recently, I have been leading research into the generation of hydrogen from wastewater treatment using microbial electrolysis cells. The focus of this work has been the application of recycled carbon fibre as electrode material in order to save cost and maintain performance. On a related project, investigations have been taking place on how to recover ammonia from the wastewater treatment system through the thermal decomposition of struvite.

    I have also been leading research on recycled carbon fibres in more traditional composite areas. Studies have been conducted on the application of recycled carbon fibres in thermoplastic and thermoset resins, aiming to understand the structure-processing-property relationships of these materials. Alternative composite materials have also been investigated, including the use of waste cooking oil as a feedstock for the synthesis of bio-based epoxy resins and their use within energy absorption structures. These resins have been successfully combined with carbon, glass and flax fibres.

    I also have an interest in understanding the environmental impact of our actions and how that might affect our decision making in the future. I have led research into developing sustainability assessments through the use of multi-criteria decision analysis as well as developing full life cycle models for the lithium-ion battery industry.

    I currently lead three undergraduate modules at the University: WM115 Engineering Materials, ES3E4 Life Cycle Engineering for Manufacturing Systems and ES4A8 Design for Sustainability

    Research Projects

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    • Bianchi, Lavinia, Kirwan, Kerry, Alibardi, Luca, Pidou, Marc, Coles, Stuart R., 2020. Recovery of ammonia from wastewater through chemical precipitation. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, View
    • Carlotta-Jones, Daniel Indiana, Purdy, Kevin J., Kirwan, Kerry, Stratford, James P., Coles, Stuart R., 2020. Improved hydrogen gas production in microbial electrolysis cells using inexpensive recycled carbon fibre fabrics. Bioresource Technology, 304, View
    • Fernandes, Felipe C., Kirwan, Kerry, Wilson, Peter R., Coles, Stuart R., 2019. Sustainable alternative composites using waste vegetable oil based resins. Journal of Polymers and the Environment, View
    • Windsor, Rebecca, Cinelli, Marco, Coles, Stuart R., 2018. Comparison of tools for the sustainability assessment of nanomaterials. Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 12, pp. 69-75, View
    • Fernandes, Felipe C., Kirwan, Kerry, Lehane, Danielle, Coles, Stuart R., 2017. Epoxy resin blends and composites from waste vegetable oil. European Polymer Journal, 89, pp. 449-460, View

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    Post Graduate Supervision

  • Renewable Energy Technologies Date of Completion:2014
  • Moving Sustainable Nanoproducts forward with Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding Date of Completion:2016
  • Fibre Reinforced Composites via Co-axial Electrospinning Date of Completion:2017
  • Bio-based Composite Structures Date of Completion:2019
  • Recycled Carbon Fibre Thermoplastic Composites Date of Completion:2020
  • Bio-electrochemical Fuel Cells Date of Completion:2020
  • Ammonia Recovery from Wastewater Date of Completion:2020
  • Life Cycle Assessment of Lithium Ion Batteries Date of Completion:2021
  • Agro-waste Reinforced Composites for Brake Pad Applications Date of Completion:2021
  • Flexible Li-ion Batteries Date of Completion:2021