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Assistant Professor


EIC 2nd floor
University of Warwick
T:   02476575928

Research Groups

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  • Research Interests

    Energy storage and management for electric and hybrid vehicles; Lithium-ion battery safety


    Since joining WMG in August 2011, Dr Anup Barai has established a successful research theme in the area of developing methodologies for next generation characterisation of energy storage system for transport and stationary applications. Dr Barai delivers research which has tangible impact on industrial and academic researcher's success, making fundamental changes in the way energy storage systems are characterised. In the past, he delivered multiple commercial research packages, authored high impact journal articles and led funded research projects in the area of lithium-ion battery characterisation. Prior to joining WMG Anup graduated with a First-Class MSc degree in Embedded Systems Design and a BSc (Honours) degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. While working full time for WMG, Anup studied part-time for a PhD degree, which he completed in February 2016.

    Research Projects

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    • Barai, Anup, Uddin, Kotub, Dubarry, Matthieu, Somerville, Limhi, McGordon, Andrew, Jennings, P. A. (Paul A.), Bloom, Ira, 2019. A comparison of methodologies for the non-invasive characterisation of commercial Li-ion cells. Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, 72, pp. 1-31, View
    • Das, Abhishek, Rajan, Ashwin T., Barai, Anup, 2019. Modelling and characterisation of ultrasonic joints for Li-ion batteries to evaluate the impact on electrical resistance and temperature raise. Journal of Energy Storage, 22, pp. 239-248, View
    • Taylor, James, Barai, Anup, Rajan, Ashwin T., Guo, Yue, Amor-Segan, Mark, Marco, James, 2019. An insight into the errors and uncertainty of the lithium-ion battery characterisation experiments. Journal of Energy Storage, 40, View
    • Rajan, Ashwin T., Barai, Anup, Uddin, Kotub, Somerville, Limhi, McGordon, Andrew, Marco, James, 2018. Prediction of battery storage ageing and solid electrolyte interphase property estimation using an electrochemical model. Journal of Power Sources, 385, pp. 141-147, View
    • Barai, Anup, Uddin, Kotub, Widanage, Widanalage Dhammika, McGordon, Andrew, Jennings, P. A. (Paul A.), 2018. A study of the influence of measurement timescale on internal resistance characterisation methodologies for lithium-ion cells. Scientific Reports, 8, View
    • Barai, Anup, Uddin, Kotub, Chevalier, Julie, Chouchelamane, G. H., McGordon, Andrew, Low, John C. T., Jennings, P. A. (Paul A.), 2017. Transportation safety of lithium iron phosphate batteries - a feasibility study of storing at very low states of charge. Scientific Reports, 7 (5128), View
    • Grandjean, Thomas, Barai, Anup, Hosseinzadeh, Elham, Guo, Yue, McGordon, Andrew, Marco, James, 2017. Large format lithium ion pouch cell full thermal characterisation for improved electric vehicle thermal management. Journal of Power Sources, 359, pp. 215-225, View
    • Uddin, Kotub, Moore, Andrew D., Barai, Anup, Marco, James, 2016. The effects of high frequency current ripple on electric vehicle battery performance. Applied Energy, 178, pp. 142-154, View
    • Barai, Anup, Widanage, Widanalage Dhammika, Uddin, Kotub, McGordon, Andrew, Jennings, Paul, 2016. The effect of average cycling current on total energy of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. Journal of Power Sources, 303, pp. 81-85, View
    • Barai, Anup, Chouchelamane, Gael H., Guo, Yue, McGordon, Andrew, Jennings, Paul, 2015. A study on the impact of lithium-ion cell relaxation on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Journal of Power Sources, Volume 280, pp. 74-80, View
    • Barai, Anup, Widanage, Widanalage Dhammika, Marco, James, McGordon, Andrew, Jennings, Paul, 2015. A study of the open circuit voltage characterization technique and hysteresis assessment of lithium-ion cells. Journal of Power Sources, Volume 295, pp. 99-107, View

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