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Associate Professor


University of Warwick
T:   024 7657 3752

Research Interests

Human Factors research primarily lies in applying a scientifically rigorous, mixed methods approach to understanding users' interactions with technology, systems or services within simulated and real-world environments. Put simply, the aim is to better understand how people interact with 'stuff', and how this can lead to the design of better end products. One such application, which is the current focus of much of our research, surrounds Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV - connected to the internet or other road users, and/or self-driving). This is an emerging field of research, both from a technological perspective (e.g. sensor fusion, Swarm Intelligence etc.) but also in terms of our social understanding (e.g. trust in automation, public acceptance etc.).


Stewart A. Birrell has a BSc (Hons) degree in Sport Science from the University of Hertfordshire and a PhD in Ergonomics from Loughborough University. As a specialist in Human Factors, his research is at the interface of Design, Engineering, Technology and Psychology, and focuses on the evaluation of human interaction with vehicle technology. Stewart has worked in both academia and industry with different domains from military applications to transportation. Currently he works as an Associate Professor, and Human Factors capability lead for the Intelligent Vehicle research group at WMG, University of Warwick. Stewart has almost 100 scientific papers, book sections, articles or features published to date, and is an Associate Editor of the Q1 / 4* international IEEE journal Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems.

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