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Principal Engineer


University of Warwick
T:   024 7657 3253
W:   Energy and Electrical Systems

Research Interests

Research interests include:
Parasitic effects on system behaviour in high power systems (predominantly inverter-based); specifically incorporating these behaviours into practical, realistic modelling methods, that are verifiable against real world system applications. Application areas include transport electrical drives and high power inductive battery charging.

Battery Electro-chemistry characterisation - when used for high power applications. This understanding will enable development of practical methodologies to verify battery health, using on-board diagnostics and novel measurement techniques to extend the response and control afforded by current Battery Management Systems (BMS). The aim of the research is to bring the benefits of these developing methods to the Low Carbon transport and energy storage industries.


Following an apprenticeship in GEC Electrical Projects and a taking a post in the 'Microelectronics Development Division', Andrew Moore has been operating in industrial electronics design/research/development for three decades. He has been responsible for providing electronic designs and expertise in a diverse range of industrial areas, ranging from Automotive, Aerospace & Rail ATE systems, to product designs for RADAR, LASERs, MIG Welders, Robotics and Microbiology. These designs have covered micro-volts to kilo-volts, micro-amps to hundreds of amps, at frequencies from DC to 500MHz in the analogue domain.

In the digital arena, Microprocessor design at hardware level and microcode verification has featured, together with electronics designs using conventional microprocessors (together with their support chipsets) and DSP devices.

Research Projects

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  • Uddin, Kotub, Moore, Andrew D., Barai, Anup, Marco, James, 2016. The effects of high frequency current ripple on electric vehicle battery performance. Applied Energy, 178, pp. 142-154, View

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