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Nanocomposites Research - Focus Areas

Nanocomposites Focus Areas

Focus Areas

We have four main focus areas: Polymer chemistry and nanocomposites engineering for energy applications; Ceramic nanocomposites; Multiscale Materials Modelling; and Biopolymer and Biocomposites. Click on the focus areas below to find out more information about each.

Functional Polymer Nanocomposites

Prof Chaoying Wan’s research is focused on the structure and functionalities of polymer-based nanocomposites. The research bridges new dynamic chemistry with reactive polymer processing, aiming to design and develop high performance, multifunctional and sustainable polymer technology and understand the relationship of ‘chemical structure – morphology – processing – properties’ of polymers and nanocomposites. The team specialises in

(1) High performance and energy-saving rubbers for tire industry;

(2) Sustainable bioplastic packaging;

(3) PAFS-free plastics and rubber products;

(4) Advanced rheology characterisation.

Academic Staff

Prof Chaoying Wan





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