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Verification and Validation Projects

Verification and Validation Projects


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Cross-domain Safety Assurance for Automated Transport Systems

The Verification and Validation team proposed a ground-breaking safety assurance framework that has the potential to be applied across automated transport modes.

In 2022-2023, WMG brought together 38 UK and international organisations in industry, academia, government, and regulation to develop this common safety assurance framework. Nearly 300 key stakeholders across the transport domains of land, sea, and marine, attend and contribute to the development of this report.

The report encourages government policy to tackle similar challenges all three domains face to realise the safe introduction of automated transport systems in a joined-up manner.

The report highlighted that while there are differences between the safety assurance processes of autonomous ships, aircraft, and vehicles, there are also large elements of crossover. This can be leveraged by governments, developers, and manufacturers by aligning safety artefacts across the different types of transport, allowing for greater safety and consumer acceptance.

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