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International Degree Equivalence

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International Degree Equivalence

WMG requires applicants to have the equivalent of a 2.1 UK Bachelor (Honours) degree. If your Bachelor qualification is from a University outside the UK we will use international degree equivalence score data which is based on Warwick’s own expertise as well as published equivalence data. This guidance is summarised here.

It is important to note that the equivalencies stated on these pages are neither absolute nor complete and should be used as a guide only. We reserve the right to make a judgement based on more detailed equivalence data that is not published on these pages.

Please note that satisfying the grade requirement is only one aspect of the application and does not guarantee admission. We review your application as a whole, including your statement of purpose, subject of your first degree, strengths and weaknesses evident from your transcript, and how your academic achievements compare to other applicants. We may require further submission from you, for example a video-based statement or invite you to an (online) interview.

Where students have gained credit for an undergraduate qualification from more than one institution, we require every year of credit-bearing study to be at a suitably ranked University. This means that for (for example) a 2+2 BSc or BA course, all four years of study would have to be from a suitably ranked University. We will not base our admission decision solely on the final award.

If your Bachelor degree is below the 2.1 (Honours) requirement, we may still consider you for a place on the basis of relevant work experience. If this applies to your case it is important to provide us with an up to date CV and, if possible, support your application with a work-based reference.