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Professor Richard Smith

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Job Title
Applied Linguistics
+44 (0)24-7652-4987
Research Interests

As an applied linguist and language teacher educator, I am interested in a range of language learning and teaching issues, especially in relation to the worldwide learning and teaching of English for speakers of other languages, I have particular professional / research interests in the following broad areas: History of language teaching & applied linguistics; 'Decentring' ELT/TESOL; Language textbook research; 'Local pedagogies' in ELT/TESOL, including approaches to teaching English in 'difficult circumstances'; Pedagogy of autonomy, including language teacher autonomy; and capacity-building in ELT/TESOL research, including teacher-research.


Before coming to Warwick in January 2000, I taught in France and, for a period of 13 years, Japan. My doctoral research was in the area of history of language teaching, and in 2002 I founded the Warwick ELT Archive, a unique collection of materials relating to the history of teaching English as a second/foreign language. I am a member of the Executive Committee of the Henry Sweet Society for the History of Linguistic Ideas and in 2015 I founded, and am still co-convenor of the AILA (International Association of Applied Linguistics) Research Network on History of Language Learning and Teaching ( I also founded and am chair of the steering committee of the International Festival of Teacher-research in ELT. For 21 years (until 2022), I was a member of the Board of Trustees of the A.S. Hornby Educational Trust. Having been Key Concepts Editor of ELT Journal, I am now a member of the ELTJ Advisory Board.

Title Funder Award start Award end
Development of the ELT Research Survey of India British Council 01 Nov 2013 30 Jun 2016
Towards a History of Modern Foreign Language Teaching and Learning (MFLTL) AHRC 15 Jul 2012 14 Jul 2014
Directory of UK ELT Research British Council 22 Jan 2013 31 Jul 2013
Directory of UK ELT research British Council (Manchester) 21 Jan 2011 01 Apr 2011
Directory of the UK ELT Research 2005-2008: Adding value to the database British Council 25 Jan 2010 30 Nov 2010
ELT Archive Enhancement Programme 2008-09 British Council 12 Jan 2009 31 May 2009
The State of ELT Research in the UK Today British Council 01 Jan 2009 31 May 2009






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