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Day 1 - October (Induction)


Your first day is intended to introduce you to the twin elements that make up this degree - educational leadership and educational research. We will be exploring some of the key issues from the theory and thinking about how they apply to real-world educational systems and our own practices as teachers, leaders, students and researchers.

Assignment guidance is located on the corresponding module pages: IE9D3 IE9D5.

Day 1 Materials:

Janet Goodall's Slides

Howard Stevenson's Slides

Induction Slides

Seminar Slides

Wallace & Poulson Grid

Distributed Leadership / Teacher Leadership Activity Sheet

DL /TL Evidence Base

Homework Sheet


Fitzgerald and Gunter (2008)

Harris (2005) Teacher Leadership

MacBeath (2005) Leadership as Distributed

Mercer (2007) Insider Research

Pyburn (2006)

Woods et al (2004) Variabilities