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Partnership Information

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Information relevant for all Partners

Information and cooperation that may be required from a Placement Provider

Data and subject access

Higher Education is subject to Freedom of Information Requests (Public authority – funding and purpose/service)

All our courses are subject to SAR – we may come to schools to request correspondence – emails, documents etc. that contain identifiable information (initials, name, ID number etc). This can also include things like Teams conversations etc. Such requests could be made by anyone for whom we hold personal data – most likely from students or staff.


It is expected that should a complaint arise in school it is dealt with locally if possible.
Students do have the option to bring a complaint direct to CTE.
The escalation route within the University can go all the way to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator that protects student interests in HE.

Consumer Protection Law

Competition and Markets Authority have specific guidance that covers HE as a product/service and students as ‘consumers’.
We are held to the information that makes a ‘material’ difference to an applicant’s decision and delivering those necessary opportunities that could reasonably be expected of us in relation to opportunities to study towards a qualification.

Regulatory & Safeguarding Compliance

As an Initial Teacher Training Provider and a department within a degree-awarding University, the Centre for Teacher Education is required to maintain practices and policies that are compliant with a range of regulations. Details of these regulations and related policies can be found here with a direct link to the Centre for Teacher Education Safeguarding Policy can be found here

Essential Documentation

Links to the route specific documentation to assist with the mentoring of Warwick Trainees. The below links will take you to the phase specific documents including:
Course Calendars, Assessment Profile Forms, Lesson Observation Forms, Warwick Assessment Descriptors, Assessment Profile Submission Links.

Hands Up

Primary & Early Years
Core & School Direct


Secondary Core &
School Direct

Mentoring (All Routes)

A collection of Resources to assist with the mentoring of Warwick Trainees

Picture of Overview Document

An introduction to Mentoring within the Warwick Partnership

Online Mentor Toolkits
To guide Mentors through placements

Picture of powerpoint slides

An overview of implementing the Instructional Coaching Model

Screenshot of video

Instructional Coaching
Model in action