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Past Undergraduate Projects

Some examples of good past projects completed by undergraduates

Please note that copyright in these works is strictly reserved by their respective authors.
Reproduction in whole or in part, whether in electronic or paper format, for any purpose other than academic evaluation and review is strictly prohibited.

Titles of past projects

Recent projects

Forecasting Cryptocurrency Price Movements with Deep Learning and Sentiment Analysis

The Effects of Degree Class on Graduate Employment within the UK Financial Industry: an empirical analysis

Do the Unhappy Vote for Populism? An evaluation of subjective well-being measures in explaining populist voting

Is this £27,000 Well Spent? An Empirical Study Into The Subjective Well-Being Effect Of Higher Education

The Effects of Social Interaction and Internet Usage on Stock Market Participation: Evidence from Europe

The Effect of the Right to Buy Government Policy on Household Income and Support for the Conservative Party

Time Preferences of Undergraduates: Does Studying Economics Change the Discount Function?

An analysis of post-Brexit UK services trade using synthetic control

Entering Further Education in England: The Effect of Year 11 Work Habits

Possibility of an Asset Bubble Due to the Wide and Extended Use of Unconventional Monetary Policy

The relationship between literacy and earnings among UK immigrants and ethnic minorities

Game Theory behind the Reasons for the Enforcement and Breakdown of Collusive Agreements (Applied Theory project)

University internationalisation: The effect of domestic tuition fee increases on campus diversity

Gentrification and its Impact on Disadvantaged Households in London

Child Marriage and female educational attainment: an investigation into a complex relationship, using Nigerian data

Disappearing Jobs and Displaced Workers: The Widening Participation Gap by Education

Is there a tax instrument that can be used to reduce public debt in Poland without causing output contraction? A Structural VAR analysis of the dynamic effects of various tax instruments on output

An individual-level analysis of the impact of industrial robot exposure on labour market transitions in the UK 1999-2015

The new digital gold? Exploring the future potential of Bitcoin as a hedge against traditional financial assets

By how much does inter-regional immigration boost innovation?

Does ignorance bliss exist? An economic study into education and happiness

Does negative interest rate policy works? A theoretical model of negative interest rate and deposit rate rigidity (Applied Theory project)

Spreading your bets - Comparative Analysis of Gambling Product Consumption Offline and Online

A Hedonic analysis of the Determinants of Indian Player Valuations in the 2011 Indian Premier League

What determines the asset allocation of UK defined-benefit pension schemes?

Aid, Votes and Conspiracies in the United Nations General Assembly

Sin aversion in the UK stock market: the effect of social norms

An investigation into the effects of social norms upon stock markets and the impact of the financial crisis

The effect of the business cycle on intra-industry merger activity

The United Kingdom’s Focus on Learning - A Reason for the Ongoing Fall in Acquisitive Crime

Have Inflation Expectations become dislodged from the Bank of England’s target after the financial crisis?

Speed of regional income convergence in Poland between 1995 and 2012

Should credit facilitation to SME sectors be targeted at specific wealth groups? (Applied Theory project)

Tax and Female Labour Supply”: The Bush Tax Cuts as a Natural Experiment

The effects of EU enlargement on international student mobility

Investigating How the Drivers of Business Creation Changed in the Great Recession

The Relationship between Foreign Exchange Volatility Skew and Jump Risk

Climatic Variability, Risk Diversification, and Vulnerability: Cases from Rural Ethiopia

The Corrupting Effects of Oil: A Case Study of Uganda

The differential impacts of socioeconomic characteristics on skills-based and pure-chance gambling

Word-of-click”: How do word-of-mouth information dynamics impact box-office revenues

Cognitive differences and perceptions of rationality - Quantifying the relationship between the course and year of study and rational consistency

Clearing the cognition: a study of the impact of high-frequency-trading on equity market volatility

The Determinants of Football League Transfer Market Values: An Age of Financial Restraint

The market for second hand textbooks at the university of Warwick

HIV/AIDS and African Governance: An Empirical Contribution

Who Cares about the Income of Others?

The effects of alcohol consumption on wages

Diversification prospects in the middle east

An Investigation into the Relationship Between Counter-Terrorism Expenditure and Terrorist Attacks

The relationship between FDI flows and growth in Africa

Should I go to university, Sir? (Applied Theory project)

Constrained Attention and Social Coordination (Applied Theory project)

The effect of News Media on UK Consumers' Inflation Assessment

Mergers and Acquisitions as Risk- Does the Modern Portfolio Theory Apply to Corporate Diversification?


Do Intellectual Property Rights Encourage Innovative Activity?

The Effect of Physical Appearances on Earnings and Employment

Do developing countries’ financial regulations help explain their economic performance during the current financial crisis?

Are grammar schools beneficial and do they improve social mobility?

The Incentive Effects of Tournaments: An Empirical Study on Poker Tournaments

Win versus profit maximisation in the football league: what matters?

All crime in the end is the crime of the community (uses MANOVA - Multivariate Analysis of Variance)

Money Illusion and its implication on unemployment (Purely theory)

2008-09 Projects

An analysis of key behavioural characteristics behind charitable giving (own survey)

An investigation into relative income and happiness in the USA with special consideration of political affiliation

Gamblers, smokers and their level of debts

Why do people give?

Can the economic theories of comparative advantage and diminishing marginal productivity explain patterns of household production?

The forward premium puzzle: is the carry trade the explanation?

Long-run PPP: the case of Greece