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2007-08 Projects

Are tennis players risk takers? An empirical study of tournament theory using professional tennis data NOTE: this project is here for the idea which is very good, but the actual execution and implementation was a bit disappointing, as you will realise from reading it.

Is New York city safer after the 9/11 terrorist attack?

Host countries' refugee responses and the impact of 9/11

The deadweight loss of Christmas revisited

Do parents matter? Unravelling the effects of parental separation on child happiness


2006-07 Projects Comments
Who's Keeping Up with the Joneses: An Economic Study in Relative Income and Happiness


Car Price Differentials in Europe and the Effects of European Regulation


Do Individuals Display Risk Aversion When Deciding Whether to Donate?


Corruption and Growth


An Economic Analysis of Parking Behaviour in the University of Warwick Car Parks


Do peer influences have an impact on academic success: an investigation amongst home students at the University of Warwick  
Example with no econometrics: Price Rigidity in Multi-product Firms: The Role of Technological Economies of Scale   


2005-06 Projects Comments
The Winter Fuel Allowance and Pensioners: Warming the Home or Cold Comfort?  Comments
Migration from East to West Germany: Analysis of the Determinants of Migration Intentions  Comments
The Maastrich Criteria in the Context of the Central European Transition Economies: A potential conflict between real and nominal convergence?  Comments
An Investigation into the Incorporation of EU Accession information into the domestic stock markets of accession countries  Comments
An Economic Analysis of Undergraduate Student Cheating Behaviour at the University of Warwick  Comments
Income Mobility and Inequality in the UK  Comments



2004/05 Projects Marks and Comments
Does the Enclave Effect Help Explain Ethnic Minority Self-employment in the UK? Comments
An Empirical Investigation into Cyclical Convergence, in and around the Eurozone Comments
Horizontal Mergers and Motives: Analysis of Wealth Effects on Acquirers, Targets and Rivals Comments
What Determines Sharing Behaviour on P2P Networks? Comments


2003/04 Projects Marks and Comments
An investigation into the economic role of fashion Comments
A New Model of Advertising as a Signal for Goods with Differing Levels of Attribute Verifiability (with no econometrics) Comments
Has the reduction of institutional childcare provision in East Germany increased female income inequality? Comments
Price Level Convergence under EMU: Empirical Evidence from 1998-2003 Comments
The Curse of Natural Resources: The Role of Economic Institutions Tables Comments

The Impact of Early Motherhood on Future Living Standards

The Intergenerational Mobility of Immigrants in the UK Tables Comments
What Effect has Working Family Tax Credit had on the Wage Growth of Recipients? Comments

Projects completed prior to the 2003/04 academic year

An analysis of charitable expenditure in the UK
The channels of monetary transmission: some sectoral estimates from Germany
An Economic Investigation into the Size and the Determinants of the German Wage Gap
An Economic Walk in the City
The Effect of Demographic and Socio-Economic Factors on the Level of Migration Across the Counties of Ireland 1981-96
England's Streets: a Green and Pleasant Land? An analysis of the Demand for Neighbourhood Quality

Looking at a cross-country analysis of past experiences, is the imposition of the National Minimum Wage likely to decrease employment in the United Kingdom?

A study of contemporary migratory movements in Brazil

Why people play bingo: separating the decisions of bingo participation and expenditure levels using data from the FES